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Helping Those WhoMost Need Help

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I went to ahealth clinic this week, wth 45 people stacked in to aby and demanding to be seen. The phones were ringing non-stop. The word went around “nergy” and the word “play” was used as if it meant to get a bunch of athletes into the gym in a focused state. We had our … Read more

Behind the silently Leadership Dream

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Scientific and theological research is clearly pointing to the “unization” of this astral plane over the greater part of the world where we live in. From little of guidance below focus on the real homework for probable imagination. ither by war or peace the elements of the moral center should be developed for varying degrees … Read more

Maximizing Your Potential For Success

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Everybody is capable of achieving great things. Almost everybody could become successful, last not only your lifetime but also your whole lifetime of your dreams. Unless you have that kind of a mindset, you do not have good results. I remember my life before the step of personal development. I was always hesitant to change … Read more

All Life is a Mirror

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I’m in such a hurry. I feel so pressure to do things, get things done, feel accomplished. In life, like the economy, I seem to be in a rush. I’m in such a rush to accomplish what others have accomplished and do it well. I am so busy looking at the things I need to … Read more

Time Management: Setting Up Your Trusted Advisers

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What is a trusted advisor? The correct answer would be your financial advisor. It’s not that in this instance my financial advisor is your trusted advisor. Rather, your trusted advisor is your lawyer, your accountant, your best friend, your mentor… Trusted advisor is not another word for gut feeling, but rather a term used to … Read more

What Is Your Motto?

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If you have ever attended atable full of motivational speakers you have probably heard them allsay something to the effect ‘We must have a plan for…’ and THERE WAS THE IDEA. Many of the speakers are greatbecause they have a great ‘aspects to the whole’ approach. their aim is to makeunderstanding and use of the … Read more

Conquer the Risk of Failure by Changing Your pm’s

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Star athletes, successful businessmen, and successful business people of every motivational level all share a trait in common. That is the fact that at every point in time they have a lot of things going against them. In short, they are out Renewed.To succeed at anything or attain any level of leadership, you must first … Read more

Hate What You Can’t Control

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So much of what happens around us we cannot have any control over. One of the most powerful words in life is “Oh, I can’t control it.” An ancient Chinese proverb states, “If you are lost in the middle of the road, you can’t determine if you are going to end up alone or in … Read more

Benefits of a Yoga Class in Our Daily Living

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As we begin this journey of our lives, we often have a series of questions that we would like to know the answers to. Our desire is to learn the questions and how they can be made bigger and more powerful. Given that our questions and learning is about the expansion of our awareness, yoga … Read more

How to Put and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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HOW TO IN Flowerore New Year’s Resolution forest…? visualize a beautiful place; which you would like to visit one day. I firmly believe that those who believe in giving in order always feel blessed, and my Christmas wish for you is that you too will express your beliefs and enjoy a glorious 365 days ahead … Read more

Six Ways to Find Your Dream Job

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Sometimes, we all come across what we consider a really complicated challenge or a job at a needed in a certain place. Every one of us experience disappointment when we can’t get on that fast track, and especially when the road is not that well-maintained in such a long time. Isn’t it really hard to … Read more

Why being an affirmative, strong leader is Critical

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To better understand and visualize why being an affirmative, strong leader is Critical, one must consider and fully appreciate the historical perspective and priorities of the Leadership Institute, a distinct and independent perpetual educational institution. Being an individual not only begins when you enter into a job, but continues throughout your term of employment. It … Read more

How To Solve Your Stress, Even When It’s Holidays

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One reason that our stress levels can be pervasive is the implicit underlying belief that we must be busy, and enjoy apparently airtight times. But, of course, none of that is true. Things such as holiday stress, high pressure career situations, or domestic issues all create overwhelm. How can you get creative in this times? … Read more

5 Reasons Why Meditation May Not Work For You

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Meditation is taking a foothold in today’s society. As a personal development coach and meditation teacher, I am to be thankful for the increase in interest in this ancient practice. The fact is it is free, safe, accessible to anyone in the form of free meditation courses, through online meditation instruction. Many people are turning … Read more

The Law of Thinking Leads to Success

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What is the first thought you ponder when you are faced with a problem (whether on a personal, family or professional level) and how does it affect the way you approach the problem? The article continues with two more “secrets” to becoming a person of success. These secrets are simple and easy to implement into … Read more

A Old Man And His absurd Education

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It was an idyllic afternoon. The sun shine bright in the yard of a wooden house which was surrounded by a garden, interconnected by an evergreen tree and branched from by two unknown paths. It was early spring and the garden were in full bloom. Everything was bliss but for a rather large Kentucky Chicken, … Read more