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Spiritual Bliss

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“What is the experience of spiritual bliss?”

If we evaluate the religious concepts concerning heaven and hell, there is a common theme emerging. It is the blissful experience of the sense of self-illuminating oneness with the Absolute; love in the Self. The highest religious experience is a spiritual one. Now we are not speaking of the ultimate reality or reality system. These concepts originate in lower levels of psychological reality. But this writer is pointing to the highest spiritual experience that can occur to the human being, literally bringing the body and mind into one single ecstatic place. A feeling of spiritual bliss emerges, and the sense of Selfhood is experienced. We are experiencing bliss when we are fully absorbed in The Omnisic Light of Love, the Divine Heart of God.


We will limit this discussion to the physical sense of bliss, an inducement of the sense of Self, which seems to be the sense of the individual self that is temporarily blended in the merging of the inner life and the outer. This sense of Self constitutes the conscious individual’s ego-sense of self, and can be called, physical sensation. Bliss cannot be explained spiritually; it can only be known experientially, as the experience of the total being of an individual. Bliss is a feeling of ecstasy at the total meeting of self with God.

flour s Barriers

The only possible barriers to the achievement of spiritual bliss are limitations of the mind. These are the intellectual barriers by which an individual is held from knowing his/her Self. Bliss is self-knowledge. Unfortunately many spiritual experiences that emerged with a physical sense of bliss in both heaven and hell exist only in the physical conscious level, hence could not penetrate to the deeper mind.

As the soul grows in spiritual consciousness it can only originate in the individual. The greater individual is, the greater the connection with the whole. This is not an empty statement, it is an astonishing truth. You cannot have an experience of the totality of god even if at a physicist’s level of understanding you understand nothing of the physical reality. People to enter on the spiritual path must achieve a profound surrender to the process of the transformation of their earthly life into a spiritual being and the wisdom, and with it the unconditional acceptance of all parts of their self. As they accomplish this, their individual will will become whole.

Once the individual sees where he/she is going in life, and accepts the surrender to that vision, when the individual’s mind becomes completely absorbed in the new state of consciousness, a new sense of self arises. The individual begins to live the human “purpose” and as their mind dwells in the divine purpose, they become aware of a state of bliss.

The human intellect is limited by the mind. We can only see a brief vignette of the totality of God. Therefore the feeling of self-illumination, or spiritual bliss, is limited to our physical senses and mind.


As we grow in spiritual consciousness, our observation becomes broader and deeper, and we evolve from the simple desire to know to a desire to know all. We come to realize that the constant constancy of divine peace, flowing through life, is the true substance, not the mind. Once we come to know this truth, then there is no ego to deal with. Therefore mental awareness becomes self-less and to be shared. We must pass through the problem of individualism, which often means that the persecuted mind becomes our self instead of one’s blessed Self. We must come to see that all people relate in the real world as real beings, who all are united under the universal sun of love and timeless being. And finally we come to see that we are all one mind-conscious individual and not the other as scientific research has proved.

From the medieval perspective, the goal was to attain self-realization. As spiritual consciousness evolved towards the state of oneness, due to the desire upon the individual to seek the solution to an intuitive inner urge, it came to be realized that the goal has shifted from self-centeredness to wholeness-oneness with God. The minute self is purified from all attachments and ideals.


The single life that leads to spiritual enlightenment is sexually simpler than the life of a father and mother. The times of fatherhood and motherhood have given rise to the idea of celibacy as a divinely ordained law. In the spiritual life it is given up for the sake of achievement. sexuality becomes an instrument of spiritualGay liberation. But the darkness of doctrine doesn’t disappear, even in a pure state, for behind it lurks a subtle danger. For doctrine keeps a narrow vision, a narrow point of view, not realizing the true nature of things. The doctrine of celibacy conceals a divine law, which is a law of love, not a law of aggression.

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