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Do You Really Care About What Other People Think Of You?

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I was running along the beach early last Thursday afternoon, doing some running on the “negative” surf and came to a calming thought. I wondered why I stay bothered by what other people think about me. The words of Alcoholics Anonymous give us the answer: “Each of us can rise, move and fall to the … Read more

The Power Of Your Intuition

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Intuition, energy from within, flowing within. It is certainly there yet so often missed, unseen, under valued. Intuition is the connection to the higher self, higher potentials and potential life stories. Intuition is energy that skip’s straight through your universal field of prosperity, into your field of opportunity. Intuition cannot be ignored. Intuition and interest … Read more

How to Deal With Fear – 3 Simple Steps to De-Motivate The Feeling

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“I can’t succeed, I’m not good enough.” “I’m going to fail.” “What’s the use?” These are some of the common statements people make when hearing the word fear. They feel “safe” and comfortable, and they tend to minimize their achievements and deem them as “normal”. But what most people don’t realize is that fear provides … Read more

Success Quote – How Do You Meditate?

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Generally we feel that an inability to meditate or to sit silently is a sign of lack of self discipline, laziness and lack of concentration. This is not really correct. There are many godly men and women who have chosen the solitude of sitting still in prayer. It is a way to talk to the … Read more

How to Calm Your Mind – Part 3 -ivities

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In this series you have learned how to calm your mind through the power of simple meditation and breathing exercises. Being open to your awareness and being aware of your awareness are the key components of cultivating a steady mind. Part 3 of how to calm your mind sheds some light on mastering your mind. … Read more

Why is Don’t My affirmations Work?

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Affirmations are powerful tools to manifest what you want. The problem with using them is that for some people they don’t work. In fact, for some people they work in the opposite way. It is common for affirmations to be ineffective for some people. This article will discuss some ways that get affirmations to work. … Read more

Faith the Need To Fear It Is Too Soon Over Already

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For I chord not to see, And yet all these troubles by day most bear witness, That this persecutions do just now ease. 8 For some months that we behold the veriest of things will consider near-completion, And even though on the evening of wickedness the wicked shall beWhy should your abundant riches seemed not … Read more