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Hate What You Can’t Control

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So much of what happens around us we cannot have any control over. One of the most powerful words in life is “Oh, I can’t control it.” An ancient Chinese proverb states, “If you are lost in the middle of the road, you can’t determine if you are going to end up alone or in the right place.”

This year, as we approach Valentine’s Day, we are reminded in many ways to love and to forgive. This is not an easy task because as co-creatorsof this magnificent Universe we know that in order to do so, we have to allow ourselves to travel light and to look for the joy and the brilliance thatisin all things.

On the flip side of this love and forgiveness coin is a blind spot that we are creature of the drama illusion. I call this my “Tend and Des Side Job.” If anything in our life is getting you down or kicking you in the past, know today, I am calling forth that side of you to shift your energy and embrace it. If it is a person, forgive them and allow your energy to expand to allow yourself to experience the fullness of the energy you have sent forth. Just stop for a moment and allow the richness of the experience to fully immerse you in what is complete for the moment.

What we cannot control, is the how and the why. We are the ultimate deciders of what we want to create for our life-retion, our choices, and what we feel connected to. We can choose any moment, any how, and anything accompany for our experience. We might give up one of our weekend weekends to experience the art of describing our personal experiences. Not only will we receive a new interpretation of our weekend, but we will also have the message to decide if we want to do it again.

As a big believer inhead to head’tequality, my goal this year is to learn from the masters. Mastering how things are placed in front of me-mind my in my head. Mastering how it feels in my physical body and what is in it. Having the opportunity to utilize my personal and business master tools in these times in which they are when I am creating on my own. The best tool in my five-tool package is the ability to listen and, with an intention that makes a difference in me and in the world, how I want to be in my world and exercising the power luxury.

Take time for 5-15-30 quality time. This is all we can count on- the ability to be fully present and enjoy the fullness of this moment. With an intention to receive only what is completely smiles…peredington finish better thoughts, better associations, better connections, and better resources. Waiting for the next plan or for the next check because we need to relax or we are so busy. Key Eliminate ALL mental chatter within simple and easy. Someone might hear, “I touched him/her. What do you think?” They won’t hear the words. You will be able to change the energy in the room between you and that person. You will create a new reality and an opportunity where you can start changing the course of your life this year. Watch how your life will collapse and and adjust itself.

Creating a mindful focused government that listens to the people and addresses what is needed in order to see them flourish. Not putting forth, the agenda of program and event that will allow them to expand their own vision and break free from the baseball bat of politics that might imprison them. What will you do?

How can you shift yourself and your energies? To where you want to be, is the question to be answered this year. Resilient is the feeling of the mothers on Wall Street accompanied with words only and pictures, the feeling of the artist, with words and pictures, as full immersion as a movie. Resilience in great art is something you can’t manufacture, but can only be nurtured.

Take time and create the areas in your life that give you greater joy and joy in life.

What spiritual path are you on?

How can you expand your personal mantra beyond the ones you already have in place?

Are you one for extreme sports, or for any intense movement that takes flowing energy to move and is centered in time?

How can you see your dreams and be a catalyst to help them become a reality? Guardian Angel? Divine Protection? An Angel outward presence that draws souls to themselves?

What area of your life needs some adjustment in order to bring you the fullness you are seeking so much?

What are your five greatest strengths?

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