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Developing Your Mind – An Article About The Healing Power of The Mind

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to no mind. One group says that our minds are to be developed, so that we may grow stronger, more creative, more happy, more aware, etc. The other group says that our minds are to be left untouched, untransformed, and allowed to impact upon themselves and the world as they wish. This article discusses the healing power of the mind through the coming forth of hidden or hidden knowledge.

Some would say that we are housed in the mind. Others would say that we are the mind. I am here to say that we are the mind. The mind is part of the God Mind, which creates the entire fabric of creation, and is eternal. It is created, as is the human body, and will live on forever. The mind is eternal life in or through the body – which is all a part of the mind. The mind is God.

The mind produces thoughts. What it produces is faith. If it produces thoughts of lack, fear, hatred, disease, etc. then what it says is faith! Faith is like the air we breathe. We don’t see it of course. This is why we have to use our minds wisely and not let it run our lives – as we all are capable of doing. We must train the mind to focus on God’s Word, and to listen to instruction from Christ.

My son, let your thoughts percolate and digest with the Word of God so that you can understand what the Scriptures are saying in your life and in your situation. Let it flow through you to bring clarity to your situation and life.

Know that your mind, your thoughts, will produce precisely the kind of faith you allow. If it produces thoughts of lack in the light of what the Word of God says, its your faith which has created as you starve yourself with low self-esteem, shame, evil mess – there is nothing else that can be the enemy.

For example: Let’s take anger. Anger itself is never of any good. Anger must be harnessed and influence the situation that is surrounding it. But the beginning of your anger is always in fear.

We are born into this world with certain temperaments and differences, and these temperaments and differences constantly play a factor in determining how we will grow, and how we will act for ourselves and toward others.

Pain or hurt, loss or fear of the loss of some kind – or a perceived loss of some kind – is the primary causes of most anger. The way to contend with this is to ask the Holy Spirit to give you the grace for release from the anger.

Nothing in life that threatens. The threat of threat can easily cause anger – or it can activate it. Fear can easily activate your anger. Not knowing how to control the anger.osing.

The more the job of controlling our anger has to do with our ability to use it to build our confidence, our ability to deal with the threat, and therefore take control of the situation, it becomes less important. The more you are able to handle things, the less you need anger to control you. Anger becomes less beneficial because its energy source is spent within you. Immediately it circulates around you. Though done through the mind.

If it ensues – there will be no anger. It has taken control of your life – because all it is, is an energy release – and when it has run its full course the control is returned to you!

Keep your focus on God’s Word. He says He has given you the wisdom, knowledge, and power to create whatever you desire in your life. He has given you His Word as the guide for the direction of your thoughts and actions, His Word creates within you a desire to win, and His Word liberates victory for you in the battle of life for every disappointment, stumbling, lack and calamity.

You are the Master of your Emotions. You are the captain of your Soul. We encourage people to do everything they do on the inner side of themselves and leave the outer side of themselves to God. Just as God gave you the mind, therefore it is your responsibility to train your mind as you rejoice in heart – in God’s Word – God’s Will and His Way!

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