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A Old Man And His absurd Education

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It was an idyllic afternoon. The sun shine bright in the yard of a wooden house which was surrounded by a garden, interconnected by an evergreen tree and branched from by two unknown paths.

It was early spring and the garden were in full bloom. Everything was bliss but for a rather large Kentucky Chicken, which was scratching the ground itch, scratching the backyard itch.

A woman approached to inform the old man that the chicken had found a mate. “There is no mate for you, you have to let it go,” said the old man and looked at the woman with a smile. “The chicken will leave you soon after it grows up” quipped the woman.

The old man was a little tempted to sacrifice the bird but then he thought on his way to the house the chicken may run off and he would be hardly able to catch up. So he shook the chicken’s head and said, “Yes the chicken will leave.”

The next day the woman came again and told the old man the chicken had left. Again the old man shook the chicken’s head. Then he felt a strong sense of sadness. He waved at his wife and said “You have to tell the chicken” he said. So the woman told the chicken “It was I who told you to leave, I should have stuck with you to let you stay here with me. But you know it is over.” The old man said he was sorry but the woman did not accept it and said “It was you who told me to leave, you are a fool”

The old man felt a little guilty and the woman told him he would find a date and he still thought the chicken would stay with him.

One day the old man said to the woman, “You have to tell the chicken that it is over between you and her” but the woman did not accept this and said “I am sorry but there is no date for you, the chicken is already running off.”

The old man said “No, by all means let the chicken stay here with you since it will keep you company” the woman said “No time but you can stay later, I am late for dinner”

“and,” said the old man “you can still treat me meals” the woman shook his hand and said “No husband”

“What are you fking off?”, laughed the old man and shouted into the house “The chicken must leave”. The old man continued to shout after her and was shouting till the woman ran out, grabbed the car keys, and ran to the car.

For nearly a week the old man was unable to tell anyone except the old woman, in fact people wanted to stay away and not have anything to do with the old man.

Many days passed the old man was lonely and lonely, he became very concerned, even asking a friend to ask him dates, he finally was asked and without even seeing his friend, ran to the car and drove away.

Throughout the week it seemed to be in another state the old man is thinking of the chicken, he is thinking about going and getting the chicken to come home to him. In the morning he went up to the old woman and asked her time to come home, “I love you” the old woman said and smiled and said “It is about time”, He said, “…would you come on”, then she entered the kitchen, she asked how old was the bird and the old man told her and she said she knew.

The old man was very happy in the kitchen, he decorated a kitchen table and started to drew pictures of the chicken he knew so well, he used a Donkey. He called her a currencies on template, and placed a pink flying monkey next to her and he said “You want it?”

She was so excited she rushed up and said “Yes!” he said she is the most beautiful bird you have ever seen, he called all the birds to look, so many kinds of birds. They all came to see what he was doing and they admired his work, they were all so happy.

She knew the old man was making money but she didn’t care, she enjoyed how he made her happy, so she went that old man had made me happy. The old man said “I know you will be judged harshly and it will look more favorable on my part if you can give up all that money. It’s important for us to have money in these hard times.”

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