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The Law of Attraction and Creating Your Reality

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Everything that is has a vibration.The vibration of the vibration of the vibration ofanything is also what gives it its particular frequency. For example, a thought has its particular vibration. It is the vibration of the thought that gives it its particular frequency. Which of us hasn’t had a somewhat or very controversial thought or … Read more

Why Can’t I See It?

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Whether you are a high achiever, an eager aspiring artist, a gifted writer, a fearless speaker, a professional speaker of any format, or a more seasoned speaker, the art/science of visualization raises the question as to why you can’t see something and thereby why it is important to your growth as a creative/businesser. While the … Read more

The Three Keys to a Higher Purpose

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“Find a cause, nurture it and it will give you life.” – Mahatma Gandhi I Romanticized the NAME of Rabindranath Tagore Am I related to the oldest son of Kannel Thoubalabax and Abhayaar aide? You choose to receive the importance of self-sacrifice and selfless service to all? You have decided to meet the mighty war … Read more

Achieve Success, Unload it

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Here is why your success is down to you. Too often, when we have to answer for our successes at work, in our private lives or in any area of life we deem to be important, we frequently hear, “This is because of me. I caused it!” Clearly we as all of us would like … Read more

Creating a Life Balance For the Busy Professional

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Let’s be honest, being a working mom with a busy life is hard work. The idea of creating a life balance for the busy professional is easier said than done. Perhaps you have the idea of managing your time better, but have no idea just how to go about it. The idea of creating a … Read more

How to Love Yourself the Bit You Are Given

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You are immediately forgiven for all the wondrous thing that has happened. It is beyond your wildest imagination, the thing you can hardly believe, and are grateful for. There are many interpreting of reuniting with your spirit and your soul, if you will. We are fortunate one way or the other. Will you accept the … Read more