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Mental Abundance For When the Body Starts Taking Over

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In today’s world, you probably feel like you don’t have enough time to do all the things you need or want to do while at home. Even though you are busier than you ever have been, there are still twenty to thirty minutes each day for your “me time.” Research has shown that spending at … Read more

Spirit Additionally Controls Mind And Heart

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The realonewald a man believe he must remain positive initially usually because it sounds good in the beginning. However once the object of an individual desires to develop into positive person in his life, he can help to determine who willpower becomes tougher to assess. Our wears addiction to Protures of the bad habit that … Read more

Refocus Your Focus

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We all get caught up in a variety of things, large and small. Life today can certainly get in the way. Sometimes things get in our way of our focus. We lose sight of what is important to us. Focus is something that has to be developed. One way to start is to ask yourself … Read more

The Secret to Time Management? Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

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Many of you are probably sitting in front of your computer screen right now, reading these very words, wishing you could put these words into the correct context; I’m sure you do! The truth is that there is no secret here; delegate, delegate, delegate! As a business owner, you have many different areas to focus … Read more

10 Secrets to Higher Success

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Here are what I consider 10 secrets to higher success. They come in the form of a ‘uddle’ between intellectual and spiritual perspectives, a revenue state of mind, and a character orientation that works over the long haul to energize and protect one’s health, at home, work and play. Whether one lives in physical reality, … Read more

How To Win In Life – This Is What I Must Know

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The greatest oface in life is the ability to adapt to change. Life has the habit of altering things and giving us chances to either defeat or unite us. It is the wise person, therefore, who knows when to let go and when to persist, when to adapt and when to insist on the fight … Read more

Making Peace Within Yourself

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Does your world outside look and feel like it is falling apart? Or perhaps you are feeling like your life at work is spinning out of control? Is your body aching for peace, or maybe you are experiencing many more of the same symptoms of the world coming to an end? Does one way of … Read more

Leadership Beat IQ raised or lowered by 30% For 5 Reasons

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There are many theories in regards to the changes in the educational, political, social and business landscape outcomes in the last 20 years and the impact that they may or may not have on the success of your business. Can leadership be raised or lowered by 30%? Yes, this is possible, and I’d like to … Read more

How I Found My Purpose In Life

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Life is the spiral that experiences are made of. Each of us knows this instinctively. We are not aware that we are continual creators in the world and life that we live in and around us. Commonly we often think of ourselves as a separate person, mostly identified with work and our family. We define … Read more

Creating a Perception of Excellence

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Each man is endowed with the divine vitality by the Spirit of God. We all have this light which shines through us. The secret of success is to develop this power and be able to influence the thoughts in the subconscious mind of others. As the psychotherapist Albert Ellis stated it well, ‘The habitual futile … Read more

Creating a Vision for Your Life

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A vision is a projection of your life into the future. It’s your future self in the now, the person you are meant to become. A vision is a level out of which a life can grow and hope and and dreams and wishes and desires can be created and, actually, manifested in this life. … Read more

Why You Should Stay Off of Facebook

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Facebook: Keeping Yourself Up to Date Building a social media network is not the easiest, especially when we’re not sleepy and feeling our best. Sad to say our staring at a lot of updates all day most of the time can actually become an addiction. After all checking your Facebook account is just not enough! … Read more