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Everybody is capable of achieving great things. Almost everybody could become successful, last not only your lifetime but also your whole lifetime of your dreams. Unless you have that kind of a mindset, you do not have good results.

I remember my life before the step of personal development. I was always hesitant to change anything. Meeting new people, going to different places, trying out new experiences, and even speaking different kind of languages were difficult to me. Even though everything seemed to be fine, I knew it was because of my habits. I used to be a sh INS, a LESS.

We are the ones who create our own destiny. We have the full potential of being our own selves. This means, if we change ourselves, everything else will change.

Change your thoughts, change your habits, change your lifestyle. It takes some time to make the change in your life, but it will be worth it. In order to become the person you want to become, you will have to make the decision to become it.

It is consciously knowing that things won’t need to be like former. And doing it. Gradually you will build your self confidence. Imagine how you are now, and how you are going to be, have there definitely be changes. Right now, if you are the person you are, what you are doing is also the path to get someone more like you.

You want to have success? Well start by doing better than your currently doing. All it takes is for you to do better than a lot others. Be proud of the fact that you are in the 3% group instead of the 97%.

To help you get to the 3%, I have some suggestions for you.

1) Create your own conviction.

You need to create your own conviction to achieve success. Success is not actually far away, it’s right IN you. It’s in the things you are asking You about, in the kind of people you hang around, and in your habits. Those are all trough your mind. Only a few people are able to tap into their thoughts, and make it work for them.

2) Change to eliminate thinking limiting thoughts

People are not able to solve all their problems because some problems cannot be solved at all. But the problem you are able to solve does not need to stop there. Think about a problem that seem to be impossible to solve. Can you and allow multiple solutions? A great way of going forward, a way to do it is to stop looking back. You start to ask specific questions, like: “Could I achieve this?” So instead of thinking just A.L.O.Y. how about think A.L.O.W? That means, I can – I will – I must.

3) Get an extra hand

At a certain point, I tried to ask myself the question “Is it possible for me to get an additional hand from my friend?” As soon as I stopped that, my mind went into an almost unbelievable state of creativity. Things immediately improved.

4) entertain friends-like minded types

We all know that friends or social interactions are as important as things which we go for. You should try to get involved with people. When you do, you will see your life has got different changes.

5) Reinvent yourself to carry out any new goal.

You have to think in the private world of your own dreams. Try to invent yourself to be the person you want to be in your life. Come up with new ideas and try implementing them. Don’t be afraid if you have to learn to create new skills to accomplish things. Life is a great teacher too. Make sure you make a life changing decision now as you are reading this. Don’t wait and do it later.

6) Boost yourself with new career or idea.

You want to have something great and change out your wardrobe. Change your looks so you will look fresh and talk something new without revealing it.

7) Take ownership of change.

Stop reacting to changes and instead take ownership of it. When something happens you may want different results, you must change. When you change, everything around you will change.

8) Stay motivated in life.

Always share your ideas with your friends and loved ones around. Believe in your worth. If you don’t think so, it is time to selvesinvent so it isn’t true for you anymore. It could be your height or weight, weight to name a that is inferior to others. Be as unique as possible.

9) Be respectable.

Always try to respect other people around you, whether you are a friend, as well as your family. Respect that other people deserve happiness. You have only one life, let life go. Be fearless and enjoy your life.

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