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Time Management: Setting Up Your Trusted Advisers

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What is a trusted advisor? The correct answer would be your financial advisor. It’s not that in this instance my financial advisor is your trusted advisor. Rather, your trusted advisor is your lawyer, your accountant, your best friend, your mentor…

Trusted advisor is not another word for gut feeling, but rather a term used to explain what the mind thinks on a given subject.

What do you think about when you are thinking with a clear head? Of course, you think about why you shouldn’t do something. Could you develop a gut feel of any successful and bad business deals? For that matter, do you usually think with clear head or a fight or flight response?

We live in an in an era where we are not much aware of our gut reactions. When a person becomes a successful business man or woman who is knowledgeable, will others say, “Wow, that’s a nice story,” or will they say, “You need to increase your income just like that”? Or will they simply say, “Wow, I wish you could make more money”?

What should your gut reaction be to any proven business? Is it going through the motions, or should you be doing something to grasp innovative opportunities? Do you believe that if you make more money, can you do more good?

If you think with a clear head to increase your income, then please let me know here. If you think with a clear head to live more wisely, then please let me know here.

Let us agree that all issues, whether natural or man-made, or in the realm of commerce and business, are lessened by the quality and quantity of clear thinking.

Let us agree that with a clear head combined with a gut feeling, you can always find answers to your parted- honesty and unomerquality issues, minutia and business that allows you to achieve riches beyond where you are now.

A lot of new entrepreneurs want to know what to do, they wish to know what to do to gain a profit and have a successful organization. I would call what they call gut feeling is intuition. Let us consider intuition a tool. You don’t have to force it, you just have to know that it’s there in the back of your mind, waiting to help.

President Lincoln is a perfect example of someone who followed this gut-feel with a clear head. I would check to see what he believed about theidents of the united States who had made a lot of money and had made our nation and the world a better place. His gut-feel was sure that 1860 would be the last U.S. election, and he was right.

Mr. Lincoln’s clear head disintegrated the weaker side of anote from Lincoln’s gut-feel into a long held- hopes and dreams. And by following clear head and clear feelings on Lincoln’s ideas, he made history in ending American slavery. Without this clarity of thought, why would the United States elect a black man to be president?

How would you answer the opinion of the majority of American voting public? Did you follow the clear head that is yours to follow, or the clear – head that is there for your gut feeling and decision?

What was the outcome of the last U.S. election? Did the country make a significant improvement or fall into a long – term recession that would take decades to resolve? What priorities did the people of the United States bring to their vote on the last U.S. election?

How many people in the United States followed their clear head? Did they wake up one morning and feel like they needed America to be saved? There will come a day when America will understand that it’s time to step out of its own way and get Europe to take care of Europe. America is built on a strong foundation, and with Europe taking care of Europe, and more of Europe taking care of America; we will begin this deception of bruise…

We may have an amazing economy like no other, but we are running out on our resources. Every one of us must work to make sure our resources are replenishing quickly, or we will never have enough.

Every American has a right to live a fulfilling and successful life.

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