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The Seven Pillars Of Personal Development

When I was in high school, I was fortunate to get a mentor in my English class. I learned under the leadership of a woman (an elder) of the OUR Block Club. I recall then being so naive and unstable, that my self-esteem and self-worth were at an all time low place. I was not able to function effectively in the world of school. I continued in this often hopeless position for years. I was hanging onto an unrealistic promise made to myself in high school when I was still a teen-ager. The promise was, “I will be an ‘A’ in school.” I ignored my grades and believed that I could be anything I wanted to be. I stuck with this philosophy until I finally was forced to make a personal, drastic change in my life. I admitted that my perception of myself was entirely flawed. I could have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, but in the end, it did not matter. A promise had been made to me, but it was not worth anything to me, because I quit and never achieved it.

I so desperately wanted to achieve what other people thought I could do. I wanted people to say that it was ‘impossible’ for me to become an A-student. “I can’t be an ‘A’ student,” I told myself, “but that definitely wasn’t true.” With this newfound knowledge and of my impending failure I decided that I was not going to let failures take control of my life. I would rise up and try again. This is what all men and women can do; I chose to take control of my own happiness and attitude.

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It is so critical to learn your self-identity and mental needs. Life can be a beautiful experience if you discover the choices you can make for your self-esteem. It is an all-encompassing statement! A vital component of wellbeing is accepting the truth of life. Managers and executives have to learn what it takes to reach their potential. Many people are willing to settle for mediocrity.Balance is the secret they need to discover effective action plans where they are free to make small steps. I want to challenge the concept of success. Success is not being in the right place at the right time. This is extraordinarily limiting. No successful person I know can claim the achive justice for being in the right place at the right time. Theistence blankagement…real success.

We all strive toward achievements. The difference between us is that we want to be happy. Children need to be happy. Grown children need to be happy. I make a simple distinction with children. Children just need to be happy with life. They can also be justifiably sad by volunteering themselves into happy places. However, they need the incentive to move to even greater heights of pleasure and happiness such as success; living a life of excellence and in the process be fulfilled in themselves

We have an expert at being fulfilled in life. We are at embarked upon working towards our own certain goals in the future. Our first step to making the best of life is to discover it is possible to be happy while working toward the achievement of goals which are key to our own happiness. The only answer to happiness lies within us. Research suggests that each of us have the opportunity to experience happiness of the spirit, meaning, and purpose in life; this is a real possibility. This assurance is unacceptable in the graying and limiting mindset, brought on by limited knowledge and understanding of life. Happiness can only be discovered not in the future, but already is within us, simply for you to awaken to it. The only step required is to remove the mental ceiling we have placed upon our own happiness in our own mind. Do not just stand in your present position or circumstance, but lift the protective mental shield and become so adamant within your own thinking that happiness is a foregone conclusion.

It is a common occurrence for couples to be obsessively involved in each others’ lives. It could be couples married for twenty or thirty years. It is unfortunate but it is all too common.

There is always a balance somewhere in the harmony of life and it is important to discover the secrets it holds; this helps to bring out your inner positive self in ways that will cause you to forward your life in a positive direction.

When holding a Learning discourse or a Life uppermost, I am staying focused on the sole purpose of the individual being coached as they readily come to terms with the possibility of a happy life. I am providing a pathway out of depression, rebellion and inevitable failure, which has accompanied the mental growth of many very successful people.

Let’s learn together from those who have paved the way to our very own life-changing accomplishments and happiness using the principles of personal development.

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