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Conquer the Risk of Failure by Changing Your pm’s

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Star athletes, successful businessmen, and successful business people of every motivational level all share a trait in common. That is the fact that at every point in time they have a lot of things going against them. In short, they are out Renewed.To succeed at anything or attain any level of leadership, you must first overcome the fear of comparison pen out. The fear of failure is the very thing that keeps you from hitting the ball marked: Success.

“The best executive is the one who understands the difference between comparison and comparisonand knows how to get the better end of the bargain.” — J. instinctson

The one place you need to be to know the risk of failure and when that time is when you need to win the winner’s flag, you will never see anything else. The danger of comparison pen is when it starts to come around.

There is a couple of factors that play a major factor in the comparison pen effect. The first is in time all of the crowd, people, media, Wall Street people around you . . . you name it. The second factor is situation or circumstances. The third factor is other people. The type of people from whom you may learn more or gather, and if they’re from certain groups that they like or hate.

Now when it comes to those people trying to demotivate you, be aware that these people’s objective is not to make you feel bad or make you feel so uncomfortable that you will be blinded to your dreams or put off. The media feel like they are protecting your interest while in actual fact it is the opposite. Their objective is to keep you in your comfort zone, and that the symptom they’re setting forth is the false perception that “it doesn’t exist”. They’re the ones that “exposed” your chance for success over and over by their reports. The thing they want you to do, rather than remove yourself from, is keep you passive while they send their perspectives out into the physical world and wrap it up as “information” to be used against you…and if you don’t change it then they win.

The key element is to learn to be aware of these factors by the way you relate to them. Which brings into play a couple of things.

1) Know who is behind the comparison pen effect. Who is behind the wall? The key to closing the gap between success and failure is to break that wall down, and by that I don’t mean to remove the institution from the site of your life but to recognize that to diminish your ability to become successful means that you should redefine your current situation.

2) Know what ideas do you list. Identify the ideas that come to your mind daily that impinge on your ability to go the extra mile. If you list a few, you need to get back to the list and look at it COMMITALLY. During done action you are connecting to a vision you must not lose. When you do put a pen to paper and write down your ideas commit to changing what needs to be changed and commit to constantly change it so that it doesn’t get away. Take it one day at a time and just dig in and stay in action.

3) While at it, don’t give up. Use your imagination so that you can see yourself writing down all your ideas and see your self change into the exact person you must be. In your vision technique, you can actually taste the success that follows day and so many others things will begin to follow.

4) Create and find mentors to help you improve your life. Read autobiographies of successful people and seek out those higher up the chain for counsel. Ask your friends that ask you for counsel, but not those with worldly wisdom. Go to the ones with the greatest mental ability, and see if you can find someone to help propel you toward total understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.

5) Master your present and develop your future through conquering the fear of failure and fear of success.

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