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Personal Development For a Better and Better You

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An essential point on personal development is to reflect on whether your goals and desires line up with who you are. It’s imperative to take a good hard look at yourself to make sure that any personal development plan I’m writing to you reflects the core of who you are right now. It’s all about changing the way you think and act in the immediate present. That doesn’t mean that you have to start improving your wardrobe right now to change the way you are. The sooner you begin to see things as they indeed are, the sooner you’ll attract what you want into your life.

No name call is necessary when it comes to teaching you how to improve yourself. It’s straightforward, and it’s elementary to do. It’s all about the way you think right now to come to understand the profound effect of your choices.

self development

Personal development is all about this funny thing we all do called The Human Part of The Human Being.

Often people have dreams about the Human Part of The Human Being, and it’s sad to see so few people truly live their dreams. This is a lifetime struggle for most people in their young years. It can be overwhelming and cause weight to build up between the ears.

Well, it’s time to do something about that. To treat your personal development plan, I suggest you follow this simple process. It is as simple as it comes. The first thing you have to do is to remember that your dream is only about the Human Part of The Human Being. It is the most primitive part of you, but it is also the most deceived part of you.

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For me, I have always felt that the human part of the rational part of me has a lot to show. There isn’t any other part of my body that wants things bad enough; it’s the human part of me that goes after them. I think that is going to be the biggest reason why people are not getting what they want out of life. Not the media, not the celebrities, not everyone is that success in life, and it’s because there is too much emphasis on success and not enough on the people you meet along the way.

Life is a journey through life, and that would be the last thing that most people want out of life. They want to stay in bed and complain about the weather for the rest of their life. Well, I don’t have those thoughts. Therefore, I am here to tell you how you can live the life of your dreams right now.

It is as simple as not letting yourself stand in the way of achieving your goals in life. Now, it will take some time to change some habits, especially with your conditioned mind, it will take some time.

Don’t let your conscious mind stand in the way of your goals;

Your conscious mind is like the surface of the ocean, and it’s so calm because the currents are mostly running in its favor. However, the human part of the human mind is like the violent currents that are always moving against the effort of the surface. That’s why you see the waves near the shore. Our beliefs make sense to us. Unfortunately, many don’t.

What’s probably the most important thing to know about your conscious mind is that it always thinks everything is real. Though unless we can tell the conscious part of your intention to stop obsessing on something for a while, then it continues to be. It will never quit because, like your belief system, it’s got nothing to do with reality.

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By telling your conscious part to stop believing something is going to happen, it is like telling your soul caretakers who have the emotional investment in it to stop believing something is going to happen. If you think about that slow enough, you could reach a point when you wonder just why you’ve even been trying to achieve anything longer then to stop that.

As hard as it is to admit any of this, you have to acknowledge that if you have been trying to achieve anything at least some part, everyone knows that it isn’t going to come to pass. They already know it because that part of you through our series has previously known it. Only you will know for sure what your subconscious believes and what you want if you haven’t yet.

Let’s face it we are at “The Door,” and until you start to self help yourself you’ll never be able to find the key;

Your subconscious knows your affirmation better than our conscious mind. It never forgets, and it will do its best to help rid you of your emptiness through your subconscious because our true self is separate from our subconscious self. This separation not only makes it very difficult to achieve your dreams while you’re alive; it also makes us seem blind to see beyond our existence.

You need to start by controlling your conscious thoughts unless you can do this in this day and age then.