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The Wealth Strategy That Works: Shattering Myths, Embracing Abundance

The Wealth Strategy That Works

Demystifying Sustainable Riches Wealth is often associated with grand homes, luxury yachts, and a lavish lifestyle. However, this perception is merely a facade that conceals the true essence of wealth creation. Many believe wealth happens by chance or is reserved for a privileged few. The reality is that sustainable wealth creation is a process that … Read more

Seven Pillars Of Personal Development: A Comprehensive Guide

seven pillars of personal development

Personal development is an ongoing journey that encompasses improving self-awareness, developing talents, enhancing the quality of life, and realizing dreams and aspirations. The “Seven Pillars of Personal Development” are central to this journey, which offers a foundational framework to guide individuals toward achieving long-term success and personal growth. This article delves into each pillar, thoroughly … Read more

Spiritual Bliss: The Ultimate Destination of Inner Peace

spiritual bliss

In the quest for happiness, many veer towards the concept of spiritual bliss, a profound state of inner peace, love, and contentment that far transcends the fleeting pleasures of the material world. Unlike the temporary highs of worldly happiness, spiritual bliss, also known as anand or moksha in certain spiritual traditions, represents the ultimate form … Read more

Be Mindful of the Small Things: Cultivating Joy in a Fast-Paced World

Be Mindful of the Small Things

In today’s world, characterized by constant stimulation and an emphasis on achievement, we often rush through life, neglecting the simple joys surrounding us. This relentless pursuit of bigger and better can leave us overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected from the present moment. However, cultivating mindfulness of the small things offers a powerful antidote to this pervasive … Read more

Wisdom in Leadership: The Unseen Power of Spirituality in Governance

Spirituality in governance

The Intersection of Spirituality and Governance Spirituality in governance refers to integrating spiritual values and principles in the decision-making process of government and other organizations.  Spirituality in governance can bring about loveliness, beauty, trust, mercy, rest, forgiveness, openness, healing, honor, respect, and dignity. It can also lead to sustainable and strong institutions built on grace, … Read more

Letting Go of Labels: Why Your True Identity Matters More

Letting Go Of Labels

The Liberating Journey of Unlabeling The journey toward letting go of labels is a transformative process that liberates individuals from the confines of societal and self-imposed categorizations. This liberation is not merely about shedding negative labels but also about transcending the limitations that any label can impose on personal growth and understanding. The human mind’s … Read more

Shepherd And Comforter

photo 1612975325661 e51584e37568

“I am the good Shepherd: You have eaten and devoured me. Kept me alive in the wilderness so I could always be near the precious persistency of Your presence.” Revelation 4:16 (NRSV) I watched a Christian television show on Government the other day. The show’s host said,’… sometimes we have to be a bit more … Read more

Focus Is A Good Thing

photo 1622408088386 22a06d7d822b

If You’ve Got The Focus, you can get The Results. So much about working from home and creating income from home is focused on simplifying your business. I’m sure one of the things you have learned very early on is that IF you create something that’s so good at networking that it’s free, everyone in … Read more

Choosing Alignment

photo 1596620267004 c26bd4b943a0

In previous writings, I have called on you to consider your feelings as a conduit for information. What you are experiencing around you is a direct result of what you are having feeling sensations. Just like your current thoughts are energy waves, your feelings are a vibrational invention of your very own reality. So what … Read more

Body Language – Should I Care?

photo 1632931126531 baf9aee89a00

People give up on their dreams for many reasons. One is the fear of failure. Many people are afraid they may be seen as ‘just another,’ another failure. Another is the fear of rejection. Some people are afraid if they turn their dream of a new job into a reality, those with stronger will applying … Read more

3 Ways To Psychological Attack And How To Deal With It

photo 1585143042060 77fd3b53905a

Some people are quite satisfied with little fulfillment. They live their lives from day-to-day, barely aware of the surrounding realities. Yet, others go out of their way and do the right thing. They’re willing to develop their minds as well as their bodies, and they’re ready to take everything offered to them because they know … Read more

Spiritual Retreats – Walking With The Spirit

photo 1632931062748 a4ec6b944e6e

One of the greatest benefits of a spiritual retreat is that you come to know more of the spiritual world and the truth of existence from the actual everyday life. If you frequently attend a religious service or a place of worship, then you will come to know about rituals and rituals in the followers … Read more

How To Increase The Power Of Your Mind

photo 1635335356074 5a9e45b47a14

The human mind is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that you can ever learn to use. It can literally achieve literally anything that you put it to, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. Your mind will create almost any reality that you focus your thoughts and attention on, … Read more

Coaching From A Wealthy Soul

photo 1472146589133 19a788ecaf89

There is so much discussion lately about “The Secret” which is, in my opinion, the Law of Attraction in Action. Many people want to be healthy, wealthy, attractive…whatever and are doing all sorts of visualization and affirmations but still being in that unhealed or resistant state. The problem is that you can memorize and speak … Read more

The Three Types Of Tolerations

photo 1599194002772 430d1c449ab1

Last night I was thinking about the number of people (or companies or teams) that I’ve heard say, “I’m tolerating way too much.” The reality is that there are probably a handful of things that we should all carefully monitor and evaluate. An example might help clarify why I intended this article. What the employee … Read more

This Is A Force Of Nature

photo 1595404726254 2738dda9c14e

It was a lovely day so I was on a walk while feeling like I was being pulled forward into the future by something known as Collaboration, and as always, it felt good to be alive. So, the day was great and I felt gathered up for a moment, while walk and thought about what … Read more

Power Of The Mind: The Use Of Imagination

photo 1625189135172 f035845b57b1

The power of the mind process once used by civilizations long standing is still going on. It is used today by millions of people all over the world. The capacity of the mind is infinite. As an individual, you just have the Annual Memory Test. However, it does a few things without us noticing. For … Read more