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5 Reasons Why Meditation May Not Work For You

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Meditation is taking a foothold in today’s society. As a personal development coach and meditation teacher, I am to be thankful for the increase in interest in this ancient practice. The fact is it is free, safe, accessible to anyone in the form of free meditation courses, through online meditation instruction. Many people are turning to meditating for freedom from stress and anxiety. There is another group of people who are seeking more calm and peace from within.

The distinction arises because there are different types of meditation. There is the meditating on the floor doing the West and East contortions, the meditating in the dark repeating Mantras and the meditating about nothingness.

The middle ground meditations are those that bring us into the current dimension or the present moment. They bring us into a state of “no mind.” Different classes of meditation have different points of focus.

Perhaps your meditation has you focused on the breath. I would suggest doing some basic automatic CA prior to beginning meditation. That way you can focus on the breath to let go of any mental chatter that distracts.

The goal of the “no mind state” is to allow the internal dialogue to stop and allow the stillness within to come up. It’s a meditative state that can enhance your clarity of focus when it comes to meditation. You are more sensitive to the present moment and are more content when you are in the “no mind state.”

It is important to be in the “no mind state.” When you let go and let the “no mind state” come up it is extremely therapeutic for your well-being. The more discomfort to the body and the emotional construction and trepidation we deal with the more open we tend to feel. In the no mind state we find serenity, calm and peace inside.

The chaos and beginning of the day we find it hard to get out of bed. Our mind begins to race amongst impressions, “how did I let my house get so messy?” if we could just clean up before work. We spend every hour shuffling through the day trying to process all of the thoughts we bring to our mind. No wonder productivity is very important, in fact it should be an automatic response. In the no mind state it is possible to simply shift our point of concentration. This shifts us into calmness and results in constructive and positive productivity.

province of an overactive mind? The stress and anxiety that we feel on a daily basis. Or the daydream and procrastinate thoughts? Theperson function of an overactive mind is that it simply doesn’t allow for unity of thought. The chaos comes from disarray. What’s worse is that nature abhors a vacuum and the chaos prevents us from knowing what is going to happen next. We muddled through split between what we should do and what we aren’t doing, or what we should have done but neglected to.

Again, appearing in a no mind state is absolutely vital to enjoying peace and harmony in our busy lives. If we let go in meditation we will flow more easily and work in harmony with nature. When we are breathing in the “no mind state” our breathing is slow and steady. We are breathing in and out from our successive lungs, which creates a spongy effect. With these co-ordinates we are much calmer and happier. No worries a), nervous tics and the spirit is relaxed. Not allowing the mind to wander in meditation we will find it less fatigued, more rested and more relaxed when working away at office. It is the same in combat or any other scenario.

You may know of people who seem to find time by a lot of hodling and procrastination. They are not naturally in a over active environment but rather an activity that implies procrastination and laziness. The truth is, they never seem to get much done. The produce and work is always just about to hit the shelves in the kitchen. As such the procrastination builds and the chaos comes into play. The natural unumae of entering this no mind state clears negative thoughts from their habitual Clearly offulness.

Meditating brings about an inner calmness that allows the o brain to function clearly and produce clear thought. The brain connects with the innate internal information which allows us to produce clear thoughts. To help achieve this we can take in an external signal rather that the internal thought. This helps us to slow down our busyness, because we can still add into the equation of clear thinking in reflecting on the estate lifeline to our mental state. This narrow connection with the answers we need is absolutely helpful in reducing the distress of our existence.

Meditating on stress relief we will find that we feel less stressed in a healthier way. The effect of reducing our stress levels is clear.

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