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All Life is a Mirror

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I’m in such a hurry. I feel so pressure to do things, get things done, feel accomplished. In life, like the economy, I seem to be in a rush. I’m in such a rush to accomplish what others have accomplished and do it well. I am so busy looking at the things I need to do to feel fulfilled in my life, I do not see that in myself. I’m in a rush to earn more, be successful, meet others’ needs, keep ahead of others – I think – I’m in a rush and I’m not even aware. I identified that I too was in a rush to accomplish things as I thought others expected me to do. I was living their values and when I viewed them as my own the pressure of fixing things and doing things right was overwhelming. I realized that I was living their values and that their values ran both of our lives. I realized that all life is a mirror. It is constantly reflecting back to you your thoughts and your actions. It never does anything to you, you do it to it. Wow, what a revelation!

I stand in awe of us humans, how quickly we can adapt to change. How quickly we can do things differently than we were before. How often can we do things differently and then wonder why things are still so difficult. We have the ability to adjust our thoughts and actions to create our realities so far as we imagine them to be. For the most part, we are unaware of what we create and how that creates our realities. We go through our days and weeks doing things like speaking, doing and thinking just enough to survive. We want more, we want better, but many of us spend our time in overwhelm from wanting, but not asking for more. It’s not that we don’t know what to do, there’s only one answer, we forget. We don’t ask for what we most need. We think we need to make more, be better, feel better – yet we don’t ask that same question for compensation. We do not ask for compensation for our thoughts, our desires, our feelings and our emotions.

We need to know what we want and we need to be absolutely certain about it and then ask for it. We need to demand it. Asking for what you want is the first step in creating your reality and holding it so close to you that you can create it. We forget what we need to ask for to survive in life. We get caught up in living what others need and want for us and we ignore the need, the desire to survive. Even when we understand, even know, that we need to ask for what we need to survive, we don’t know how to ask. It’s not that we can’t, it’s that we fear the answer and the responsibility to ask.

It’s funny, we all need to survive. We need the food, the shelter, the clothing, but we often forget about the most basic of all needs – the need to be loved. We create jobs, relationships, families, and other things to reflect back to us love, but we forget how to mirror our inner self, our spirit. Our souls, our true selves are not reflected in our outer world because we have not only lost touch with that part of we, we have fallen out of touch with ourselves.

We have been taught to gaze outside of ourselves for a sense of meaning and inner purpose. As if we are something that happens and things happen to us. We lose sight of the truth that all that it takes to live a full life is to be true to ourselves and to connect with others. It is to take the time to understand and communicate how we feel and why, and to heal our pain and that of others. It is to know that you matter and do matter and you are irreplaceable and special in someway, strange and wonderful. The most amazing thing is that if we believe we are powerless, that makes it true. If we believe that we are something that appears, we make our own reality as to what that will be in true form. What we believe, we attract, and then what we believe in our own strengths and weaknesses, we give to the world. It is true, if at first you do not succeed – try, try again.

We have all heard it before. What are we here in this life to do? What are we here to be? How can we contribute into the world? Don’t we have gifts and talents to offer how can we not give from them and use them or share them? The answer is find yourself. If you are confused, take a look at the mirror face to face. It’s your own reflection looking back at you. Take a good hard look and then move your eyes down the line and start looking behind you – I invite you to see that reflection.

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