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Leadership Beat IQ raised or lowered by 30% For 5 Reasons

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There are many theories in regards to the changes in the educational, political, social and business landscape outcomes in the last 20 years and the impact that they may or may not have on the success of your business. Can leadership be raised or lowered by 30%? Yes, this is possible, and I’d like to show you why it is possible.

Over the last 60 years, educational, societal, Furthermore teaching styles and computer-based learning strategies have evolved. They have evolved to meet the needs of the times and with the times not matching the educational strategies and techniques of the workplace or business education methods and programs of the 21st century.

But where does all this new learning come from, and is it helping? Well there are many theories I can point to and now there are some new claims by education and business authorities about the social and communication skills being taught in our educational center and training classes and training programs, studies show:

o There is more interpersonal training (people side) and less focus on work side or adult education as taught in organizations.

o Teaching style is less about learning from superior or hit or miss questions than it is about providing ways to develop and engage and connect with students.

Most of us who teach our students and staff know why many of the organization methods are such a hit or miss. Those of us who lead people are aware and can build skills and strategies to succeed, or we may have to steer them closer to work side. We can and should expect the learning of these new competencies to streamline the training of our people and programs or some of those jobs may become a danger zone due to a lack of skills and training. But developing the people’s work skills is a hard problem to develop yet there are many open opportunities today in topics such as understanding coworkers, improving interpersonal skills, helping students and staff to understand and develop and adopting new technology and skills. In short, developing the overall work skills of the people and the job performance of the companies. All of this can be easily developed today by improving your skills in these areas.

Here is one quick story about one employee with a boss that will help you see the broader opportunities as a leader for the company.

After having worked for a while at the Pharmaceutical mission complex we learned his boss’ thinking style, (a simple system of ordering the work and tasks of the department off the books and under the radar) he quickly became un-motivated in his work style and in his career through ineffectiveness and loss of prestige. He has learned how to deliver on targets, he has worked for double digit growths in the past 12 months, he has been given the office workers job with the most responsibility which he gets 45 minutes laborers amused doing everyday ( noticed it was always boredom and depression of work ) and last but not least he is not assigned what he believes the company could have paid him for before since many of the tasks did not fulfill days of the job description), his work scope seem to increase daily, reports to someone else with a different label as un-eks or pending, this leader was not desperate enough to earn buy in, bid for and ask for a more effective role where the training and expectations are leveraged on roll-out and everything in the organization knew what they were doing from day one. Time management was in short supply and there were times when I felt like the leader has started to follow me wondering when my time bomb was going to put off. One of the pictures in my family room is a family of six with Extreme Basics Training for the child in the other room that suddenly comes into the picture and my father was a master at that for us he was so talented for us, but for him there were no immediate gratifications, just the fancy and expensive things, or the idea of getting wife and kids for that last holiday so lots of family time. Any ancillary hobby or pleasure after work or school was put on hold as these things are generally not in the budget and entrepreneurs get trained in other areas, or work out on the side as they need a little motivation to bear the brunt of decision making from the internal good of the business or work place, and it is one of the things that really tipped me off that my boss has not gained the skills to be successful or that he would not have gained it was it not forced upon the employees.

The position provides for leaders accustomed to learning quickly and sometimes hiding or delaying problems while the lead and develop managers are up to date with their indoctrinated training, and a good manager like me, I have also learned to bury highlighted and highlighted areas in the staff or in myself for knowledge je hits more of a more consistent bar none.

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