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Refocus Your Focus

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We all get caught up in a variety of things, large and small. Life today can certainly get in the way. Sometimes things get in our way of our focus. We lose sight of what is important to us. Focus is something that has to be developed. One way to start is to ask yourself “What am I focused on right now?”

Focus is a powerful tool. If we look at life as getting off course a lot, we can begin to focus sharp throughout it. A ‘focus wheel” could be a great start. Draw a large circle. Put eight spokes around the circle. Imagine each of the spokes is a ‘focus’ in your life. It could be career-oriented, health-oriented, or simply financial. Now, write them out. Focus on your major focus. If you are talking about needing to become more organized, focus on that. If you are focusing on what is missing in your life, focus on that. Be aware of your focus. Yes, I realize that may sound a bit off the wall, but you may just be surprised at the results. Ask yourself, “What the heck am I focusing on?

When we focus on what is missing, we are focusing on what we don’t have. A lot of us live for one reason, because we fear that feeling of ‘lacking.’ It’s a human fear, alright. We feel as though we are ‘not enough.’ It’s a sad human emotion. We may be saying, “I’m not enough because I’m not.” But, who made that up to keep you from achieving what you want in life? You’re a divine being, why not feel ‘enough’ about who you are? Maybe God made that ‘thing’ because He knows we are also infinite. Infinitude is limitless. The universe is an infinite, infinite universe. Infinities are in our natural state. In saying that we are ‘only a human’ however, we also live in a world where spiritual growth is also infinite. Just because we are feeling a certain way, doesn’t mean we aren’t as infinite as the universe is. Perhaps that will get clearer later. Right now, life is a very acknowledges ‘NO insisted place. We can start from where we are right now.

How does your current focus reflect you? Are you feeling as though you have a ‘millionths’ chance, or might the discussion be that you have a ‘thousandths’ chance? Do you think God knows you need to raise your head from right here–right now? Maybe the answers we each need to focus on will come to us based on our focus and then our actions. What will you do with the answers? It’s all a matter of choice. To alter your focus, you will need to alter your vibration. The quality of your vibration will determine what comes out of you. You will need to look at your focus in “The Big Picture.” Don’t do it just for the purpose of this forum post. Start with your focus. Do a little biblical study and then adjust that focus. The right focus is a help when we are struggling. When your focus on a particular thing has been challenged, you would hope to have a reference point from it that would alert you that you are on the right path in your life. The right focus would also quiet that Inner Critic inside of us who keeps trying to keep us ‘safe’.

The right focus could also get you scheduled for massive success. How about you take the time out to look at your focus- write it down, do an inner work, or analyze it on paper. With proper options and good vibrations, you can begin to get aligned with your goal. When you combine your focus with a goal that has a great vibration, the combination can make a tremendous difference. When you keep good focus on what you want most, you can be in tremendous harmony with your goal.

Your real intention will be clear after your focus is designed. Use the above examples on weight and finances or relationships of any kind. Give a good consideration toward your focus. The effects will magically begin to come in full force. Just like that, an endless stream of opportunities will begin to present themselves for you. Opportunities are free. Arrive at the right focus.

From The Light

Del parked near a church pew, the woman that drives by doesn’t see me. I know because I looked down. She turns around. She waves her hello. “Good morning!” She easily recognition who I am. I can feel my heart rate going up as I greet her.

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