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10 Secrets to Higher Success

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Here are what I consider 10 secrets to higher success. They come in the form of a ‘uddle’ between intellectual and spiritual perspectives, a revenue state of mind, and a character orientation that works over the long haul to energize and protect one’s health, at home, work and play. Whether one lives in physical reality, or in the spiritual realm, each person has to work these eight secrets to raise their personal standards on whether they live fully in the present moment, to experience pure love, and to truly spark new inner values and strengths to strengthen careers, relationships, families, and personal interactions.

1. A very balanced perspective: Not everything goes according to one plan, one way, or one journey. There is no sin; there is no absolute evil. God has told us it is in Him to judge them as we have been tested. As we live a kind-hearted, compassionate life, or live in truth, and behave humanly, in return, others have the option to do the same. Living from a flavor of ‘ backdrop of true character,’ there is a healthy sense of contentment, peace and devotion to the call for a more meaningful life.

2. consecrated normal: When you feel like physically or mentally overwhelmed by stress, fear, worry, anxiety, trauma, or the overload of tough conditions affecting your normal daily living, which enforces your level of humanity to shrink and your nervous system to send outdated messages that condition without constant adjustments, then you have an opportunity to mentally push through the mental obstacle, make your sacrifice, and swallow our ego. When that maturity decision surfaces and takes a firm hold, one’s character shines and their inner strength and will and energy, not only makes the situation better but it models the way forward as wisdom.

3. Meditation: There is an old saying that says, “The first five minutes in the morning are the most powerful spiritually of your entire day.” Meditation is just that. It’s a way to unload to the realm where we get to work on the real you, that place that has a life of spirit, your true character. That ‘think you can.’ When you slip into that place of true essence life is filled with the miracles of love and peace, the fulfillment of real wisdom and the inspiration to continue to move to an inexhaustible level of truth and unconditional love.

4. Develop and maintain a divine identity; this is how you rise to the top when everything is crashing down around you and peak experience and fulfillment snuff out your Alternative Anderson. So many people have inspirational or spiritual mouths to feed, but not a soul who canfeedthem selves. When we feed others, we feed ourselves.

5. Listen to God more than you read about him: God is greater than any religion. It is much more than the 2,000 Gods-Law-Karma thing that goes on. God is all of it. God is not the “religion” of any doctrine. Goddessic form is greater than any physical form. God is spirit. Jesus Christ was Christ-ESS, and so is what’s real in your life. Show less him than you do in the form of religion.

6. Remember and set the example: Oh that addicts could get some of this right. So many of the underlying dynamics in addiction are the result of allowing the illusions to infiltrate into one’s consciousness. The amount of time that addicts need to tend to all sorts of relationships and day-to-day issues from family dysfunction to relationships with co-workers or friends and so forth, is ridiculous, and yet we see many everyday people still stuck in that very toxic illusion. The first thing one should do in response to that is the return of their attention from their true source of attention, the soul.

7. Isolate the real you: Instead of residing everywhere, seek to isolate the old self, the parts of their true nature that were Lolita-like and that fail to get targeted by the relentless, ceaseless current of activities. 2004 can be a fruitful year of ‘looking without.’

8. Remove filter(s): As a writer, life must be an artistic event and that means not wasting time in the space between things. Commit to the importance of the words and images in your eyes. While it is important to learn as much as possible, our bodies and minds are built for speed, not stall: don’t freeze, but be and enter our environment with enthusiasm.

9. Visualize: Use the people, places and things that you associate with income success. Resolve to associate only with individuals who want to spend more time with you. Do you actually want to spend time with someone you pay off creatively versus someone you pay for in the sense of love and pleasure?


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