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Creating a Perception of Excellence

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Each man is endowed with the divine vitality by the Spirit of God. We all have this light which shines through us. The secret of success is to develop this power and be able to influence the thoughts in the subconscious mind of others.

As the psychotherapist Albert Ellis stated it well, ‘The habitual futile reenactment of self defeating acts is the very basis of man’s wrong-doing. Man’s whole life is directed to the center of his endless Far- Side, his self. Moreover, the outer man tends to bring his inner man into subjection by his own mind and feelings. The man is an idea that is unaware that his own mind is his master.’ And the other, the outer man is determined to win the battle of the inner man.

In every cause there is an effect. The most important cause is the effect of the center of Christ. The eye, which is the light of the mind, focuses the Christ Consciousness in the Christ Mind. The inner thoughts are developed out of the Christ mind and expresses into the physical, not the other way around as many people have assumed.

The Christ Consciousness is centered in the Mind of God, not on the planet. It is centered in Truth and Holiness. It is manifested in purity, love and purity in action. The thoughts that we plant in the subconscious mind is what we produce in our physical reality.

Our true perception of success is in a timeless walk – the awareness that will bring a sense of inner joy and completeness. This perception is long before the apartment, car, home, and job. It has never been found in the mail box and it is always there. It will not disappear when the song of success is forgotten, lost or no longer of any tangible substance.

Make the Christ Consciousness of the Christ Self be the one that you go out and buy with Divine Spirit’s currency.

The Christ Consciousness is the principle of perfect love without condition. Once this has been known and applied you can walk in the love of love and still manifest unconditional love. The universal law of love will always find a way to bring the choice to manifest and meet the demand.

The worth and value of the Christ Consciousness exists in the whereabouts of the studios where films are produced. The ‘Christ Consciousness in the Coaching’ ACT system will produce high-quality films that seek to give love, healing and wisdom to all and be produced to the same high level of integrity. The cinema will also reflect the qualities of the Christ with mellow music and subliminal messages.

The Christ Consciousness is about being a peacemaker, peace maker, and a set of peace makers. It is a set of people who live with peace, silence, and love. It is about peace and love rather than conflict and the intent of your mind.

If you feel stuck in a rut of failure, you don’t need to go out and buy a new car. According to the universal law of polarity, the old car does not need repairs it is good as new. New car may be more expensive, but it is protected by the same universal law of polarity. The old car is broken, but if you are spiritually committed to raising your consciousness you will fix it and get it running for the first time. Stop looking for something else to do. Invest in yourself and in other people. The law of the universal mind is best at work when the mind is balanced. It is essential at this time in history, for creation is always at work.

Pause now and expand your attention and consciousness to higher things. Ask your higher consciousness what is most important for your unfoldment at this time. Look for only the mechanisms through which your mental power and your individual consciousness progress. Many people allow their dream dimmer to change the colour of their vision. While it is important to strive to work to develop and work through your own capabilities, it is equally important to work with the universal mind and the way it works to manifest your destiny.

Choose to believe that God or your Higher Self or your Christ Consciousness already exists. It is there waiting to be unleash by you. Study, if you remain passionate about it and open to new ideas, the philosophy and practices that guide you to build your dream and achieve your Destiny.

The scriptures state that you must make the shift in paradigms to the new consciousness where you surround all with love, peace and serenity. Get rid of anything that leads you to fear and you ascend your consciousness to higher levels of purity. Through Goal-Setting through the investment of energy and resources, the choice becomes clearer and clearer and the reaching becomes effortless.

Begin to visualize all the possibilities and their outcomes it will cause you to be excited and full of enthusiasm for the work connected to your dream and your success. Put yourself in the believer’s position.

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