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How To Win In Life – This Is What I Must Know

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The greatest oface in life is the ability to adapt to change.

Life has the habit of altering things and giving us chances to either defeat or unite us. It is the wise person, therefore, who knows when to let go and when to persist, when to adapt and when to insist on the fight and continue on the path he has decided alone.

That alone is everything. It is not your surroundings, it is not what people say and believe about you but, it is really your opinion of yourself and how you perceive them.

This opinion is yours alone, and as long as you go along with your classless opinions and continue to live with the results they give you, then the child of earth can never excel beyond what you have already achieved.

The decision for the future is yours alone, it is your decision as to how far you are going to run with it.

The controlling factor to go beyond is to continue to believe in your ability and in yourself. STOP trying to find new ways and innovate. You are restricted to whatever road you have entered.

Or, to put it another way, you can only be as big and meaning as your imagination and vision can express itself.

This means, you need to picture clearly all the ways to your vision and to whatever goal you wish to achieve.

You could picture your goals and dreams in full bloom. Imagine, with all your senses, all your senses being engaged in your vision. See them as vividly as you can in your minds eye.

The more you actually see and picture them with all your senses, the more real they become. The more real they become, the more inertia they create. Everything changes; when you change your whole world, your future world literally changes with you.

This inertia is the result of your doing what you need to do right now for the result you want. It is your inaction, your procrastination, your laziness, your unwillingness to be, do and have all you desire the moment you realize each of these blocks exist.

If you allow these blocks to exist and continue to do what you are doing, they will eat your motivation. These procrastination, laziness and inertia can be overcome by doing. You are not living in fear, you are living in winning, by deciding to put the fire out.

Remaining directed.

The greatest weapon you can have, when you’ve developed the habit of seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing, that each new thing you hear, each new thing you see, each new thing you experience is something that will help you achieve your desired result.

It is your knowing exactly what you want and if you know, you are step prepared to have it sooner than later. Do not fear or accept obstacles, which will get in your way and cause you delay in achieving your goal.

When you look at problems ask yourself this, “Why do I want this problem over my head?”.

When you look at adversity, ask yourself this question. “Why will they block me from getting what I want?”.

When you walk into a room, listen to the people in there, and then ask yourself this question. “Why am I here?”

The greatest of people live by a dream. This is your dream, that which you want to live, until you achieve your dream and reach your goal.

The most difficult thing about success is that you have to go against the grain a lot of the time, as you lead your own life, because you have to stand in a different way than others.

If your only goal is to get from A to B, and some obstacles get in your way, so what? soldier up, get the hell over those obstacles and get your goal.

Lets get an example. The show business is a big deal at the moment. We see bacon and eggs every single show and those people need the money.

The poor people who work seven days a week to support themselves and their families struggle might have their basic needs for survival taken away.

None of us can afford to pay for a show and any more no matter what the directors think they will get.

Why go to the trouble of finding out for ourselves, and supporting our own families, while we are spending our hard earned money watching a bunch of dang shows.

There is no difference when you come to think of it.

Suddenly, you see the connection between the way we support ourselves, the way we treat others and the way we go to war.

Nothing is more important in life than your own self-respect. If you do not stand in respect for your own self, then others will not have respect for you.

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