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Self-Improvement – How About Personal Concentration and stubbornness?

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I watched a short video recently where someone told a story of how they couldn’t concentrate on whatever it is they were doing in a room. It made me wonder what (or who) is stopping them from concentrating fully? Let me share what I think they were about to hear.

Personal Concentration

The first thing to consider is this. Concentration is all about being present. It’s not about sitting down or wondering how to sit down. In fact it’s about connecting with the person and the speaker in a way that makes them feel comfortable enough for them to speak, and compensates for the fact that there are in fact several things that may be going on in the background.

You may think that by being present that’s a lot of concentration, well it isn’t. Concentration is more about being fully in tune with anyone you are with.

What Is This Personal Concentration?

Personal concentration simply means being present with the person you are with. In general terms it means that you are fully focused and engaged in them, but not taking too much notice of yourself, and others.

Conversely personal concentration is about taking full and complete attention to another person solely based on their being you are having an enjoyable time with them. To be able to do this consciously, and without the need for judgment, is something that takes practice; however once you can make this as much a habit as possible, you will find that you create a much better quality of life for feeling fully in tune with the person you are with. At a basic level it’s all about paying conscious and conscious attention to the space, time and person in front of you. All you have to do is really just have that feeling of ‘being present’ whenever you have to interact with someone. This is what I refer to as “consciously being present”.

So how do you create?

There’s two primary ways to create something from an idea:

Write it downWrite it down and feel the emotion of that emotion whilst writing it down. Once you have it on paper, you can then begin to act from the idea, and apply concentration to it. When you write down your personal concentration and see it on paper, you need to feel the emotion, and the feeling of the emotion is very powerful, but it’s even more important you feel the emotion. potent emotion. Get as comfortable as you can.

You may be thinking that you already know how to do this, and in all honesty I use this quite often. However you may be thinking/saying to yourself “I still don’t know how to do this!” The reason for this is that if you though it it, and felt the emotion, you probably knew how to do it! It’s another simple way of maintaining your progress with self improvement drive. Read positive stuff and see how it actually feels, and not just what you read.

Remember to focus on the person you are having a good time with, and take your attention from them. That may well mean switching it to the background (if you are consciously focusing on them), and see the person as they are. Like you’ve seen them once before. Its harder to go into a trance than the other way, and harder to carry out the actions, but with practice you can start focussing with little conscious effort on someone and take them into a trance by giving them very little conscious attention.

How would you like to feel?

Also consider how you might want to feel as you are listening to what you are saying. You probably like feeling relaxed. Even if you think you can’t afford to pay very much for this feeling this is also a great way of creating it.

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