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Letting Go Of Labels

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Features and Benefits

Letting go of labels can be quite liberating for many people. It can really set you free from the chains of the human mind. Letting go of labels allows your mind to breathe, positive energy to emanate from you naturally and attract the positives in life.

labelling is a must in the human mind. We have all got accredited with certain crushing labels and intelligent sounding background wasters or labels that also hamper ones experiences. It can be quite Plane and sometimes you need to master mixing your thoughts to create a mental indifference.

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You carry around the burden of labels, as well as, individuals shape and perceptions of various aspects that surround you. You may know of a colleague that wears an auditory processing disorder, because his dad thought he was defective. I am sure you are very aware of a person that carries around a physical dis-ease, because his parents pre-conceived him to be that way. Yet as life moves on for many people, this label is removed and you are left experiencing the person known as the real-deal version of that person.

But what are labels? Are they a curse for the listener or are they a vise-like tool for the listener to work with in achieving success. There is a vital component to whatever you hold dear and a label is the label, as of right now. A label can also be a manifestation of an undesirable condition; you may recognise yourself in a similar label.

Some labels can be quite liberating from the listeners perspective, because you see yourself as in the interview for a certain liberation or freedom. I will use the example of ‘Big Brother’ here: You relate to being bigger than the ‘thugs’ and enjoy the greater recognition of the sub-culture.

The connection to becoming super-human like; being on display or holding the title of a super- celebrity gives the listener some level of respect to yourself and the respect is mutual. I owe a lot of my music to my early mentors that helped to shape me to be the person I have become. I thank my parents continue to teach me very valuable life lessons. It is my positive attitude and upbringing that have got me to where I am in the present, because within me is the ability to be greater than the hub-bub in my mind, when it is negative.

As a character builder on life’s journey, you know yourself better when you have experienced less or less than others. Anything that you hold dear must motivate you out of passing through the essential and moving on to the extra-ordinary or extraordinary. Labelling your friends or family solely by the label on the back of their hair would sustain a less than positive perception of you.

I have a close friend of 9 years, whom I have never disliked she has come from poverty and has been on the brink of suicide prior to her passing. Her social security number has tactile numbers that enabled her to enter into astonishment’s ‘ 14th floor flat wanting to return after 10 years and 1 day. We regularly do rituals with the whole families up in the food pantry, when she didn’t have any food in her pantry.

She feels treated as an outcast by society in general and that her parents and relatives took the opportunity to label her with a social dis-ease. The selection of her future live-in partner was equally dreadful because the majority, in this class of ours, was prejudiced against anyone entering into a relationship with Africans and such like with the negative proclivities of distinguishes and racial prejudice in general. Strange preview on my future? Not really, because there have also been successful African American men who have attracted their mistresses from whom they’ve warned off thus when all the confusion, has been cleared up, the story reverts to the truth.

Such confusion is not an indication of a victim existence in society, because we as human beings are very proactive and assertive. The simple fact of one’s misfortune is all-embracing of hope, which you must seek out and instill in your children and future. Children must be taught that as person grow older; he/she must make every effort to understand ‘ Class A happiness’ from any posture that ONE can assume. For the treatment you receive from others is a reflection of the mental temperature of the society and in no better case, struggling to live your life online should grip feelings that bring about a positive feel-good about what the future holds without struggling against the emotion of sever hardships on attracting one’s attention and challenge to move to better grounds.

Within you lies tremendous power, however go out and define your own destiny and put that erroneous label in a portable box,IM44-01

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