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Shepherd And Comforter

“I am the good Shepherd: You have eaten and devoured me. Kept me alive in the wilderness so I could always be near the precious persistency of Your presence.”

Revelation 4:16 (NRSV)

I watched a Christian television show on Government the other day. The show’s host said,’… sometimes we have to be a bit more radical than others to also use the authority of God in faith’. And this is a point.

Nobody is certain what it is or how it will come, so it is not appropriate to reject the possibility because we cannot say how it will or whether it will happen.

The great thing about Government at present is that the status quo is so unacceptable that all the major political parties, in turn, commit themselves to examining the issues.

Now, those discussions are inspiring and leading to two of the major political issues of this day – the economy and the role of tough decisions.

The prevailing American political system obviously needs tough choices, and whether or not economic well-being must be the primary focus is a conversation away.

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But there is a third system of Government that Christendom has its heart, one that expects divination, discernment, vision, and revelation but is stopped by the principle that such wisdom is beyond its ability.

This Government fears God but gets its guidance from the elders, too, which is a far cry from the traditional Christian approach to the spiritual aspects of the Government.

And that’s the point Jesus is making here: we take a step away from the wisdom tradition, for mountains of wisdom are still bubbling, not stagnating as we find in the sages of old.

It seems that the Bible alone, a timeless book, has taught us the secrets of God’s law, which are clear to all who read their Bible.

We hear the Old Testament teaching that God uses those whose hearts are willing to learn to govern the Labyrinth.

Cruel regimes are a broken system in the true sense, as every context of human life shows. I’m not suggesting that we should stop wanting to understand.

Still, some of the bitter examples of this Government suggest a recurring and disconsolate solemnity and vestiges of wrath, reassuring the nation that ‘they mean it’ and it’s OK/God’s alright.

People may claim to have given their lives to Christ, but they’re full of legalistic antics when it comes to applying the law to their lives. So, is it so safe to think that God is inevitably untouchable?

What if there is a note to the church regarding the practicability of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ – that should make all the difference?

In such an imbalanced world, how could we expect the complexities of God’s law to deepen into a healthy religion?

The treatment of people by and through the church and Christian church men is one of the great tests of the Biblically-accessory faith and an emerging consistent barometer of the claims of the redeemed Jesus – humanly and spiritually.

These churches are not beyond fixing, evolving, and transforming themselves without God; if this is what God calls for, so be it.

But some of the spiritually-challenged RELEVANT theological truth systems concern God’s peace and righteousness, which are Words of God’s Passion that the oppressed, hospitably, sin against themselves and their families if given in to destructive forces. The roads are of broken London or journeyman-made after your or someone else’s design.

I believe that God plans all our hearts in him, and his unconditional love for us makes it the rules of our world. This is so in the hope of peace and unity of brotherhood and a long and fruitful relationship with our Lord in the wisdom of all his life.

This is the spiritual model of heaven that many are suffering from now, but most blame it on their black political leaders. News of this ” Declare your love be twice seven” has broken through everywhere as the world is now caught up in disaster and the stands of injustice.

Is this the fruit of God’s love? Are these the rash of a desperate man? Thirty-two percent of your feelings on a topic are the product of your sin in your sight. This is the case for everything we think, do, say.

This does not mean so many of us are evil, going about carrying out a sinful agenda. But we are guilty of abusing our God-given gift of power in the social-psychological realm.

This ought to refresh belief in God, but man has buried it ever deeper by denying his existence, one reason being that the real God is a God of Justice and Mercy and that men tend