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I Am Not Motivated By Whatever It Is I Am Doing

“I’m okay; I’m just busy.”

These are the phrases that most often run through your head when a task larger than yourself takes up your time and activities. When this happens to you time just stands still, nothing moves forward.

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Instead of attempting to deal with this often ignored issue I am going to ask you not to JUST allow destructive busyness to continue to be part of your daily events.

As you have maybe heard:

“I don’t have time for this!”

” I cannot afford to be like this any longer”

“I can’t change what I don’t want to change just because I have changed my mind.”

“I have got no control over my current schedule.”

These statements and many others like them are a sure sign of a busy person. Because these statements and those like them come from you it places your attention on what you cannot control, which pushes the energy outward to the things you CAN control.

Once you can appreciate that you are not motivated by the task at hand, you must admit that there are at least a few aspects of it that you wish you didn’t have to do — at this moment in time. The reason you are not allowed any surprise is because there are less important items on your to do list that you have at this exact moment.

And some of the things you have to do are fairly important… they will help you progress toward an important goal. But there are also things that are probably unimportant and not important at this precise moment.

If you can find a balance between those items that you cannot control, and those that you absolutely can control, you are well on your way to calmness and balance.

Take whatever task you have to do, or you have decided to do, and immediately modify and eliminate your thoughts and talk over this list to allow a few minutes for you to look forward to the wonderful benefits on completing that task, or goal.

Next, read through you list and see if you are content with how it is structured. Do not get stressed about how much can be accomplished by a portion of the list. Some of you have looked through the list several times, while others have never read it all. Either way, adjust along with the words on the list. You will begin to feel the real value of ideas sooner.

In addition to finding balance in your thought patterns because of the freedom that these new ways of dealing with things lets you develop an awkward sense of 6th sensethat will allow you to know what the most important things are.

Then, as you decide what way you want to align your actions, you’ll find that you can more easily handle these little unexpected obstacles. Everyone has them and they will be the same for you as they will have for everyone else, unless you decide to open the flood gates of a fierce aggravation … like that tiny ant that saves a child’s life.

Take a good look at what you are doing in those moments when all you want to do is run and pay no attention to what is on the path ahead. Even more so then because you want to enjoy the process.

A side note: do not stress yourself out by trying to settle into a routine. If what you are doing now is getting you through a certain task go ahead with it. But at this point, if you are just working 5 to 5 hours, mid morning and 1 to 2 you are going to need a system that can take you to another level of productivity that will allow you to live another life.

This does not mean that you need to change everything in your life right now that you have worked so hard to establish. For example, if you meet new people or learn new skills, simply adjust your present schedule to meet your new plan. This should move you at least an hour closer to a life you want and not leave you stuck in a rut.

If you are constantly having to make sure that the pain fought, is somehow worth it, if you want to reach a certain dollar amount, if you question the value of things in your life… if any of this causes you pain, you will never be in balance.

That is unless you decide to make sacrifices in your life that don’t require a great deal of pain.

This way of living will lead to the kind of calmness and ease of mind that will allow you to fully enjoy even the most menial tasks and mundane ambitions.

Just because the task you are working on now is boring to you does not mean it is boring to the one person who is going to do it.

Just because your schedule is busy, slows down or does not allow you to do. It does not mean it is boring to those you are tasked by to accomplish it.

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