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What Is A Mirror?

Mirrors are something we see everyday. From the shop to the labyrinth to the bathroom – we are constantly faced with mirrors. We can stare at them or at one person; however we are confronted with the idea of reflections and what they mean. So what exactly is a mirror? Is a mirror a person? Is it a reflection? Is it a reflection of civilization? Is it potentially telling the time or our predicament?

Ultimately it is our reflection – the key to success in any endeavor, whether it be career, beauty, education, whatever. Without this reflection and that which we relate to physically, we cannot grow and do things that others have thought of doing before we did it. Being able to say that a mirror can tell you something about yourself and maybe what you need to do is just a small part of maturity.

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Mirrors are not just something we see everyday, they have a specific meaning for each of us. The person looking back at you, the person who places the mirror, the meaning why mirrors covey us and the notion of mirrors tell important things about us in a certain manner.

Is a mirror a person? Probably not, but if we wish to use a mirror as a reflection, then to see our own reflection, then yes it is the reflection of a person, that person is us. When we talk or act we send our own energy to the mirror to read as the mirror. Many people do not understand its necessity and complexity and the true meaning of a mirror and many do not know how to choose or evaluate a mirror for what they want to say to themselves.

Mirrors are a place of beauty. They emit beautiful energy. Being a mirror to other people can add richness into one’s life, provide a stepping stone for profoundness, or can be the equivalent of poison to others. This can be referred to as a mirror of your life, that which you give away whether it is the tree you sit next to or the tree that sits beside you. They are reflections of you and give life. We can learn from the mirror by watching our own mirror carefully. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy depending on what we reflect out and onto the mirror. Moods and actions are a mirror image of you. Which mirror are you setting out to visualize and shape your world with.

Sometimes the mirror reveals to us what we want to see or deny we wish to see. This is why the mirror must be seen for its all-FULfilling qualities to be seen and observed.

The mirror covers equally the ugly, the beautiful, and the evil. Beauty and ugly can both fall under the mirror, but without the ugly they would not exist. Beauty and ugly cannot reside together. If you are ugly and cannot see it, then beauty can never exist either. The same thing is true in the case with others. If a mirror as a mirror, were to reflect the image of others to see them, who do you see?

Does the image you see feel good when reflected onto the past or reflected onto the future? Do your successful results, happy relationships, andfree life” images, fall under the image that you see or do they exist outside the mirror? What do you see on the inside of a mirror when you look in? And what pictures do you see? All of your past life? Your future, does the mirror mirror who you really are reveal what you are prize to be held in the light until it comes out of the ink?

The mirror plays an earthly role in your physical life also. All of all the faults you see in others and in yourself are present in yourself as well. Everything you did yesterday, physically, emotionally and spiritually was stored on the inside of you. All that energy, positiveness and negative characteristics are already present within you. Needless to say, you have already participated in all of them already. You can’t erase the past in any shape or any form, but you can take time each day to begin that process of healing all of your past. And from this day on, you will begin to see a new future before you, one filled with different past life experiences. Life is the mirror that reveals your past if you allow it.

A mirror tells who we are by how we see ourselves in all of the myriad of roles we play in life but only become empowered to touch and heal the mirror if we approach it and choose to see ourselves as we truly are. You must choose to see a true mirror. The mirror must reflect light to reflect a positive image of yourself and the circumstances you are facing at present. If you accept a mirror with a bad perspective it will reflect sickness, frustration, anger, sadness, Towers broken, andnanomaniacal grief. If you are ready to spend time looking into the mirror to get a new perspective, you cannot deny that it will create a totally different result

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