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What Does Consciousness Look Like?

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In the last week, I attended the funeral of my uncle who had been ill for many years. He was a sweet man who had amazing health, and who had been unreasonably blind all his life.

Of all the people I know today and the one I’ll call ‘my angel’, the main reason why I remember my uncle is that he always made me laugh in the face of being blind. He taught me to laugh a lot.

I’ll never forget one of my first day in Heaven. The hulse around me began a memory that caused me utter despair. I was crying when I came down from heaven. I didn’t want to go back to Heaven because there was so much to do around here. I was aware that there was something wrong…I knew that I needed help.

I met a little old lady and she led me to explain the terrible thing that happened to my uncle. As I told the story, I became extremely teary eyed, and fell to my knees as if I were asking for the pardon of my death sentence for the things I did in my life. I knew that I would never be forgotten, and never forsaken in Heaven.

At the same time, I understood that I also had a choice of choosing different things, and moving in a different direction from what I was on. I knew that my soul had chosen to be imprisoned here, for the time being, and not to leave to find a different God in the afterlife. I knew that I would receive a blessing, and that I was to take a lesson from this terrible thing that happened to me…I also knew that the trials and tribulations were here to help me and provide me with opportunities of self-empowerment.

I also knew that I would always remember my uncle’s smile and the things that made him smile. His smile was such a marker of truth, of who he really was. I saw my uncle on my birthday once again, and remembered how much I loved him, and how his smile made me feel.

When I came back to my body, I prayed to the Light to help me be strong in the days to come. I asked for someone to show me the way, and for the people who really care about me, that they could contact me and let me know that they still love me. They knew the key for me…to remain strong and show them that everything was going to be okay, even though I was blind.

I asked to be able to contact my father….I also asked to be able to call him for some kind of mercy, or to connect to him in some way, and to both let him know that everything was going to be okay, and that we would get through this, and that he could call me any time.

I received a call from my dad over a month later. He told me that he could. A couple of weeks later, he was talking to me, and I asked him what he saw and heard in heaven, and he told me that my uncle, my father’s favorite, the man who had laughed his way into Heaven and had never looked back, had been taken to a place called “Light”.

He said that a beam of light had been shone directly on his body and he had floating about my soul, telling me his experiences and beginning to take a few breathes, and then he had passed over and into the Light.

He wanted me to know that it was okay if I trusted him, since he had helped me in a lot of things in my life, and he was ready to perform the same for me. He also said that he was ready to perform the same for all of his children.

I had been wondering what he had been going through, but I did not dare to ask, as I was in the middle of my healing. I received a Bible, and read it in my bible class. I looked at the translation and decided that it did not make sense. For this and other reasons, I decided to read each verse one at a time. I did not see the translation as a whole, but I noticed alone different sections that made up a whole of truth.

Deuteronomy 33:19 – I will bring my servant warriors against them and give them the oil of gladness according to the strength of your people. This does not mean that our people will fight against our people. It means that in order to obey God’s will, we will fight against all our enemy to do God’s will.

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