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How To Increase The Power Of Your Mind

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The human mind is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that you can ever learn to use. It can literally achieve literally anything that you put it to, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. Your mind will create almost any reality that you focus your thoughts and attention on, … Read more

Coaching From A Wealthy Soul

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There is so much discussion lately about “The Secret” which is, in my opinion, the Law of Attraction in Action. Many people want to be healthy, wealthy, attractive…whatever and are doing all sorts of visualization and affirmations but still being in that unhealed or resistant state. The problem is that you can memorize and speak … Read more

The Three Types Of Tolerations

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Last night I was thinking about the number of people (or companies or teams) that I’ve heard say, “I’m tolerating way too much.” The reality is that there are probably a handful of things that we should all carefully monitor and evaluate. An example might help clarify why I intended this article. What the employee … Read more

The Seven Pillars Of Personal Development

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When I was in high school, I was fortunate to get a mentor in my English class. I learned under the leadership of a woman (an elder) of the OUR Block Club. I recall then being so naive and unstable, that my self-esteem and self-worth were at an all time low place. I was not … Read more

This Is A Force Of Nature

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It was a lovely day so I was on a walk while feeling like I was being pulled forward into the future by something known as Collaboration, and as always, it felt good to be alive. So, the day was great and I felt gathered up for a moment, while walk and thought about what … Read more

Power Of The Mind: The Use Of Imagination

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The power of the mind process once used by civilizations long standing is still going on. It is used today by millions of people all over the world. The capacity of the mind is infinite. As an individual, you just have the Annual Memory Test. However, it does a few things without us noticing. For … Read more

I Am Not Motivated By Whatever It Is I Am Doing

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“I’m okay; I’m just busy.” These are the phrases that most often run through your head when a task larger than yourself takes up your time and activities. When this happens to you time just stands still, nothing moves forward. Instead of attempting to deal with this often ignored issue I am going to ask … Read more

Be Mindful Of The Small Things

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Over the years this phrase has come to signify a humorous reference to the minutest of things. For instance, “I lost my patience, I was watching The contestants”, or “I was late reading my word processing program.” I have come to see in this pianica metaphor, the small things that universities study or research. All … Read more

What Is A Mirror?

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Mirrors are something we see everyday. From the shop to the labyrinth to the bathroom – we are constantly faced with mirrors. We can stare at them or at one person; however we are confronted with the idea of reflections and what they mean. So what exactly is a mirror? Is a mirror a person? … Read more

Fear Distvelling? The Power Of Intention

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Listen to yourself and your thoughts.What do you believe about yourself? What do think about yourself? Many people spend a lot of time each day being afraid of andkitchen table.These fears can cost thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetimes. The truth is, there is no cause for us to be fearful. We … Read more

Who Are You, And Why Are You Here?

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Of course there are lots of different answers to the question “Who Am I”…as well as lots of different thoughts about the question “Why Am I Here?” The morning of September 8th, 2008, I looked into the mirror (well, I didn’t actually look into the mirror, but it is a form of meditation like prayer) … Read more

The Power Of Letting Go And Getting Out Of The Way

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Every day the energy behind our lives is a reflection of the energy that we give permission to manifest. That is, we either allow and support it or we do not. It is within our power to create a reality that is empowering, happy and successful. Or we can create a reality that is not … Read more

Vision – How To Achieve Your Dreams And Passions

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What is your vision? Is it a personal vision or a cosmic vision? A personal vision is the dream that from deep within your heart and soul you wish to deliver to the world. A cosmic vision is the dream that is expected to be delivered to the world, whether this deliverance be physical, mental, … Read more

Learning How To Hypnotize – My Story

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In 1990, I learned how to hypnotize by accident. I was looking into a new business venture and became fascinated with the idea of writing a book. It had to be done professionally, I told myself. I grew up on a farm and was always drawn to the written word, so I enrolled inging college … Read more

Everything Happens For A Reason

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When I teach personal empowerment, one of the things that I emphasize, and one of the reasons why I mention . the words, “everything happens for a reason,” is an important component in mindset and in developing and maintaining positive personality. Unless something is initially seen as a chance, something good can come from it. … Read more

Purpose In Life And Business – Four Keys To Success

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Business, Life Purpose”You aim in the right place the ship will obey.”- The severed sail of theriage. A ship is much like the human mind (os). If you are living to your true purpose and doing what you were created to do, the ship, your mind (your purpose) will outrun any competition. And, because the … Read more

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