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Are You A New Kid At The Club?

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I love this book so much it’sdebating your interpretation of Dorothy and her experience. If you do not think of yourself as a child of the universe,you miss discovering the secret to the secret of allowing creation to show youyour own truth. Ireviewed a copy of the book some time ago and, though it’s no … Read more

It Is Not What You Do But Who Which Choices You Make

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We have a saying that what we do is what we are. This suggests that how we conduct ourselves in the lives that have been entrusted to us is powerful in shaping the quality and direction of our lives. It is important to realize, however, that neither time, money, talent, education, skills, or other resources … Read more

Leadership Development – The Yoga Of Getting Clear

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As someone who helps people develop their leadership skills, I am often asked, ‘How do I make sure that I really know what I don’t know?’ As a regular weekend Tai Chi instructor, I am sometimes forgiven for not having the full story of what happened, or for not having the particular piece of critical … Read more

Release The Limits And Bring More Abundance Of Love

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What if you could actually let go of who you think you are and what you think you deserve to be delivered to your front door, where you would then step through the threshold of you now not being you, but others? We behave in one field of life, block a few- imagined identity and … Read more

Suggestions For First Time Life Coaches

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If you are considering the field of life coaching, you need to know that this may be the very rewarding career for you. This is popular because not only you will be helping other people, but as a life coach you will also be making all the money you need. TheCoaching Industry standard for commencements … Read more

What Is Intrinsic Motivation?

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Intrinsic motivation is “motivating yourself from inside”. Simple phrase, but what it means is that instead of expecting someone or something to provide you with to motivate you, the best way for you to motivate yourself is to run your own life and determine what the pulse is in your own heart. Intrinsic motivation is … Read more

Karmic Puns

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Astrology uses the concept of Karma in its description of the influence a person’s actions have on the events of each of our lives. Karma is not some random and unidentifiable force, but rather the interaction between energies that give each of us the ability to make choices that affect the future of our lives. … Read more

Accepting The Need Help

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According to these sources, being a family, a bee, a human being, and a tool are all the same thing. What we need and what we want. Many of us are very comfortable with the idea we have to go out on our own and put our own life in order. We would hope that … Read more

Changing Your Thinking Habits For The Better!

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We have all been in the habit for a certain time and it has become comfortable to us. We may have fallen into a particular habit, because it served a purpose in our life, or because we really wanted to do it. No matter what the reason, we wound up in a state of learned … Read more

Team Leadership In Training

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Creating working environment that promotes discipline and team work is a complex process. Making a team to train the self-discipline in a team is difficult. Successful Team working in various activities and training can be achieved only through strong leadership. The team leader should be a person who has self discipline and a strong determination … Read more

Taking The Friendship Pill

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During a recent trip to the Hazel resolves in my head the question: “Are two people always better than one?” My friend girlfriend Jenny replied to my discomfort with my friend tactic this way: “We don’t need to be better. We just need to be friends.” Another coworker asked how I felt about the number … Read more

How To Move Through A Relationship Stressful Matter

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A difficult relationship is one of the most stressful condition a person can have. A relationship can be harmonious yet still be quite stressful and the anxiety is often overwhelming. This is because a relationship is a place where our emotions are shared, our hopes and fears are shared as are our personal needs. Some … Read more

Why You Can’t Not Worry

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Isn’t it amazing how many fellow humans are bigger doubters than they are number thinkers? When you think about some of the things you worry about, you might consider why you worry at all? Interesting story, because each time you worry, something happens, and you can’t control all the variables, but you can control the … Read more

Voted Redundantly

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Theblame gameis not fun for either the Victim, or theFragmer. Both within my personal experience, defensive.) The blame game is a lazy and ineffective way to deal with reality. Let’s face it regardless of our interpersonal relations of today, people, in large measure, want to blame others. We allow this habitual tendency for our self, … Read more

Relationship Stress

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As an amazing woman with a full time job, I find myself faced with stress predictably in just about every everyday occurrence whether it is at the job site, on Facebook or in the office. I recently experienced relationship stress and it was actually not all that bad. It caused a little trouble in my … Read more

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