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Success And Happiness – Finding Happiness In Your Life – Part 4

In Part 3 of this series, I discussed the need for people to make peace with two things in their life: themselves and their past. Let me add two further things to this discussion: the need for acceptance and the need to obey the laws of success and happiness that I’m about to describe. I am not against anyone finding happiness in their lives. It is not what I wish to achieve with my own life. I said to myself earlier, “I do not want to think about anything irrelevant to my present decisions. My plans and actions are governed solely by the dreams that I have for my future and the lives of my children. It is proven that successful people do not conform to the norms of negativity and failure. They do not rest in the past.”

As I proceed through this series, I want you to truly think about those two things: your own importance and your potential for greatness. I mentioned that I thought that the reason most people leave school is due to lack of self-esteem and the accompanying lack of success. While I will address that problem on a later date, today I will be focusing on success, happiness, and happiness. In part 4, I will address these three. As you read this series, please ask yourself one question: Who am I in my past? Will I be that same person tomorrow? Do I have a plan that will help me achieve both success and happiness in my life?

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Success and Happiness

Now let’s fast forward to the future. What do you think success and happiness are to be, or could be in your future life? Do you think that your problems and today’s troubles will be worth your happiness in your future life? The only person who can answer these questions is you. Are you happy with your life or, if not, how would you like to improve, change, or continue toward whatever success and happiness you want to achieve and life. Success and happiness are as individual and personal as you are. In this series, we will focus on these things and how to get there.

You will never go any place in this world if you remain where you are today. The security of today is worth very little, it is your perception of life and yourself that are the most important things in your life. How do you perceive your own worth in life? Are you happy with the things that happen around you? Do you feel that you have everything that you desire or do you want more out of life?

You need to learn to really enjoy your present circumstances. A question I would like to send you down for some Soul-searching as well. This world. This life would be nothing, literally nothing if it never born, breathe, or took form. It is how you think, feel, and participate in the world that will define you and where you go from here. Understanding your involvement in the world and yourself and the things that you eat and write about, will help you to create a very successful and happy life.

Work and Health

Life is a simple rule in that the only thing that’s for certain in this world is change. Life cannot remain exactly as it is. This time and this place are where it is certain that changes are taking place. Some of these changes are major and some very minor. Each minute of each day in every word of this world is changed forever through our actions.

There is no such thing as luck. Life itself is constantly changing and you must stay close to normal and consistent progression in life whenever you want to excel, grow, and evolve. It doesn’t matter if it is your spiritual goals or physical, personal, mental, emotional, or career endeavors, you must keep yourself on the path to character development. Some of the greatest achievers in history would confirm this. Some of the greatest catastrophes have occurred because the people involved were blind to the changes happening around them. They were operating completely under blind faith and did not see the signs that it was time to leave their gods and move on. You have to deal with near-misses along the way if you discover yourself going down a path to nowhere, if you do.

I mentioned that you must stay close to the rules of this game of life. Success and happiness contain their own rules that go beyond any requirements you may be trying to meet on any given day. You may not believe in the rules of success, but they are for you. There is no other way that you can access your levels of success or happiness. You cannot choose the rules of the game, but you do have complete control over how you play them.

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