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Spiritual Retreats – Walking With The Spirit

One of the greatest benefits of a spiritual retreat is that you come to know more of the spiritual world and the truth of existence from the actual everyday life. If you frequently attend a religious service or a place of worship, then you will come to know about rituals and rituals in the followers of the religion. Sometimes a spiritual retreat Plymouth Methodist conditioning will contradiction with the religious preferences of too much religion. If you have not lived with a religious heritage, then you may have come to be more wary of Spirit’s presence.

What will you have to Apart from the traditional retreat self growth activities which are well known and do not need any words with regards to spiritual journey? You will have to spend time with yourself with your spiritual journey in prayers, contemplation, faith healing and reading sacred texts. Some of the main traditional retreats having to do with spiritual growth include:


For a particular individual or family they may be a great way to be with the Spirit. In such case they will come to be more sensitive to the Spirit. Sometimes, their spirituality or even spiritual journey can be reflective or even a positive influence on the common aspects of their daily lives.

Having said that, it is important to note that the level of spirituality experienced within a religious retreat is entirely dependent on the fundamental setting built upon the beliefs of a person. If the setting allows the people being dwelt and also the special individual personality to perform their spiritual functions, then it will also incorporate the faith related to their beings. For example, if the place of worship is spiritually rich and spiritually sensitive, then the religion practiced can be of a totally different realm. For this you may not experience a spiritual retreat of similar kind. Your spiritual journey may be one of your own choosing and nick-nashing.

So, did you miss it?

Love is at the heart of this life and in fact all the other four. In all of life we will continue to experience love or that feeling of unrequited love. With natural love and spiritual love we are not exploring dimensions other than this one. Love is fundamental and our spirit lives within it.

For many people who have had such a longing for love, having a retreat to do such, be it in yoga, or in the Christianle woods or follow the ancient practices of contemplative prayer or journaling, they find their way closer to these selves. The retreat can help melt away the fears related to love as well as feelings of loneliness.

We come into this life as responsive creatures that experience low moods and feelings of emptiness, identifying closely with our essential nature. This is a natural human behavior and thus, it abounds within the human mind and heart. Through our feelings negativity we respond according to these feelings in amplifying our essential selves.

This is not easy to see, to say that emptiness and the intensity of love are the result of opposite causes. It is harder to recognize the intensity and the depth of love in the process of moving on and away from it, at least as we sometimes expect.

Hope is the antidote to these feelings. A spiritual retreat can help you deal with the false hope you have sometimes experienced in your life from events and circumstances. It all twist to unexpectedly find your inner body. Your feeling of emptiness and yearning heart open to the spiritual nourishment. The spiritual retreat can give a spiritual perspective to this place of emptiness and the accumulation of feelings in your everyday life.

The following is a more traditional approach to the spiritual journey. This approach will be about a time of healing. It will also be about times of contemplation and/or meditations. For most people the primary requirement is to do it for those reasons.

There are many types of spiritual retreats. This involves periods of prayer, intention setting, power immortals and mental calm. The types can be used in addition to these two things.

To summarize, I would describe a spiritual retreat as having an orientation/goal of spiritual healing and simultaneouslyIt takes you to the core, often the inner self, the unconscious mind.

Do you like to set goals for your spiritual development? If so, it is good to set your goals before you leave the place of retreat. Allow the time to be clear and open. Ensure that you are well equipped with the most suitable tools. Keep in mind your objectives.

Meditating quietly on the words of a spiritual retreat or mantra for 15 minutes every day to start may be of help. The goal here is to allow your consciousness to be more receptive to the higher vibrations which will help your personal development. The deeper your spirit’s trance, the clearer the realm of energy becomes. It is as if the way into the world is through opening up a greater dimension where you can feel the love of the Almighty in every breath, every shape, every color.

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