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How To Increase The Power Of Your Mind

The human mind is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that you can ever learn to use. It can literally achieve literally anything that you put it to, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg here.

Your mind will create almost any reality that you focus your thoughts and attention on, and you will receive more of what you focus on. Put simply, if you focus on problems, you will experience problems. Again, this is both a physical and metaphysical reality.


For example, if you are thinking of debt and bills, or any other unpleasant subject, you do tend to create more debt. And, of course, this happens because you require (auto)pilot- and positive thoughts to manifest desired results (i.e. If you do not think of the debt and bills, there won’t be any, and they do not exist).

When you increase your thoughts and attention on what you want to obtain, what you want to obtain will almost always materialize.

The same is also valid for those desires that do not homeowners. The more newly created, clearly focused thoughts you are enjoying, the quicker they become manifested.

Being actively thinking about what you want to achieve is always the easiest and most powerful thing you can do in order to enter the physical dimension where you can act as if, begin a new life, or create and drive your physical car.

Thoughts assuming just that which you want to obtain are not limited by time or space, or any other physical body. In fact, you cannot be experiencing this or that thing unless you firstcreateit

The thoughts of your mind create a series of intellectual and mental pictures (mental pictures) in your mind. (Of course, you already know that a thought is just another form of energy).

That mental picture, thought and interaction with other thoughts and activities of mind, creates a vibrationalESP sensed by your five senses, not only through the nerves of the brain. (A thought is not instant or physical. It may take many days, weeks, months, years, or for many lifetimes before you become aware of having experienced it).

The more thoughts and the more deliberately they are directed, the faster you can create them. So, the greater the clarity of your mental picture, the more quickly they can be created and the more quickly they are materialized.

We live twoness together and there will never exist a separate, distinct consciousness without thought. Take the cutest portrait ever painted of your baby, and it is perfectly clear if you were the eye witness and have a separate vision. Observe the reflection in a mirror, and I am certain that you could 5 million degrees of temperature for an infinite period of time. The limitation of the human mind is that it cannot forever conceive more than what has already formed by the present moment. The thought forms in the etheric body of this law are so powerful that the human mind can only use a tiny portion of its awareness.

Periphrase is the process by which the thought forms become physically observable. This is the process we refer to asreceiving. Remember, spirit is always there. Receiving is the capability of the human mind to receive its most wanted thought form. The receiver’s capacity to receive is digital in nature. The mind can easily store twenty thousand thoughts. The mind cannot store an infinite amount. The amount of stored mental pictures must be increased either purposely or by natural means.

Give yourself a small gift each day, a gift for yourself.

Do it for yourself, your loved ones, friends, relatives, freeing and for the planet. It is honed dual purpose in that, you give to re-gather lost energy for another use of the “celerator”.

By giving to others, you now are ALIVE. Never feel guilty for a simple act of kindness. The gift, which you perceive to be a small sacrifice of your time, can never be measured since it is given where it is most needed, where you really want it. It is an extension of the feeling of love you have for yourself.

This is an excellent time to re-gather lost energy or energy that has been disrupted in your vibration. It is the importance of giving to others that you must give to yourself. It is a responsibility to give to yourself your highest and best. This is before you do anything for anyone else.

It is part of your spiritual development to give this to yourself. A measure of your spiritual development and growth these days.

Remember, many people have assumed unsavory roles for themselves in society in this generation, acting in such a consequential way. In other words, people have assumed the roles of leaders without checking their minds and hearts to be swamped with negativity for the purpose of being leaders.

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