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Coaching From A Wealthy Soul

There is so much discussion lately about “The Secret” which is, in my opinion, the Law of Attraction in Action. Many people want to be healthy, wealthy, attractive…whatever and are doing all sorts of visualization and affirmations but still being in that unhealed or resistant state. The problem is that you can memorize and speak your affirmations over and over, when inner conflict arises you fall back into the person you were when you first started, now you are in that unhealed state and “out of the box thinking.”

Okay, no big deal now. You have been waiting…waiting for what? The secret is out! It’s like the question “When was the last time”?

low-angle photograph of high-rise building

Well, I promise you won’t be waiting too long. Until your mind (on all levels) has been filled with my uplifting, positive, energetic messages, your vibrations will be emanating this powerful energy. It is my wish that you feel this enormous wealth and abundantness right now; not in stages for me but right now. This is it! It’s “In the Beginning” and “All-That-Is-ivas the invaluable invoke” and is in “the Beginning” of now. A new beginning is now here for you to attract into your life; it’s in you.

There are many, many ways to disturbances. These are all about dying, about shifting and stretching to a higher vibrational level. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe. It is the Secret Law of Being and You. Time to get this! You can then create whatever you want for your life and the ease in all that you do can only bring us greater well-being and joyful living.

You now know the connection between your thoughts, words and action. Learn to use your wisdom and awareness of the “lessons” for the time it takes to embrace life with freedom and joy and healing. Stay with these lessons. Do not resist these lessons; you may be surprised that you are working hand in hand with the Universe and that it does take time, even when you are used to pushing and fighting and you think you have to take action now in order to change your situation or your life. The Universe is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. You simply may not know exactly what is manifested from your actions, your words and your mind.

Have you ever noticed that when you allow someone else into your life, before you know it, you feel differently and more positive. You feel released! You feel better about life! It’s the same connection of thoughts, feelings and actions.

It is “in the Beginning” of all that we have looked at thus far. Your feelings are the key to your manifestation. That teachers are there on purpose to be of service is the harm that we have allowed through lack of education to be in our consciousness. You may have been thinking that we are versatile maestros caught in life’s reflections, but the truth is as I have stated, we are that powerful being of light, that cut-loss path of healing that we can create. It is one through thought, one through action and yes, one who responds to the call!

The Universe is in constant creation and in constant motion. It always is, it always has, it always will! The speed of the vibration is such that every thought, every emotion and every action is colliding and combing with each other at the speed of light. The speed of our vibration will be so sacred that we are able to directly affect a new result of creation. It all happens instantly.

It is one way or another that the Universe has always been in motion and in continual creation and most likely all for one purpose…to create more love!

You can contribute to this on many levels. Just take action to be a light. It is about letting go of the negative through the power of positive. Many individuals have a hard time with the idea of light. It is not a fashion statement or a replacement for joy but a greater sense of support in the world. It is saying that we are willing to expand our hearts and minds with the ideas and feelings of those that resonate a deeper vibration. One big action that you can do is to raise the vibrational level of the planet on every level of it’s being and lets the light of the Divine heal and effect it.

For many years, I worked with individuals, helping them to raise their vibration and my own with the use of inner vision. That vision has been called spiritual vision, metaphysical vision, spiritual perception and even spiritual healing. The truth of the matter is that they are all one and the same. My vision is to be