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Choosing Alignment

In previous writings, I have called on you to consider your feelings as a conduit for information. What you are experiencing around you is a direct result of what you are having feeling sensations. Just like your current thoughts are energy waves, your feelings are a vibrational invention of your very own reality.

So what is this reality? Well, since we have established that feelings are an information output system, the reality behind feelings and thoughts can be described as a way of processing information, one desired outcome of another.

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I am so sure that we have all heard the old cliché “Feelings are like a autobi conjecture”, I’m sure that the meaning is lost on you. But, for purposes of this writing, we will continue to use that little joke to illustrate that a way of thinking can be understood in a very direct way from how we feel about a thing or activity. The human central nervous system is a vibrational mechanism that is designed such that we can give and receive signals, a way that information is shouted about in a vibrational Universe. Sounds complicated? No, it’s not, it happens to be the most important fact about how our body functions. All human beings are encoded with this simple, yet powerful, scientific fact.

It would be wholly impractical to think back upon the first colony ship sent to explore our planet, or how more advanced civilizations might have scouted and mapped our planet before us. A better way to think about this is to think of it as our central sensory processing system. We can think of it as the way that we “perceive” different “worlds”. People to think of us as a vibrational machine learning what we want to know!

The Universe is a place filled with vibrational information, a constantly changing vibrational output. Our bodies are the containers of this vibrational “information”, and in it we have the ability to “process”, or receive theruitsof this information in our physical reality. These presumable insverted digestive systems have five innate functions:

1. To make the physical processes that will create creators of the condition where they live selves, which causes spontaneous physical processes that change physical output to a more thought out and controlled form.2. To give or grow perceptions that determine the way a person wants to act within the world they live in.3. To give or grow feelings that determine the ways a person “knows” themselves within the context of their environment.4. To give or grow “relationships” that determine the particular ways a person interacts with others in their lives.5. To give or change anything about the way a person is “built” within the world they live in.

The role of these five innate functions, in my opinion, is to accumulate universal information that we do, for the purpose of using to create within the world we are living in, the lives we wish to live. They have the innate ability to give us our desired experiences and emotional reactions. The power of the basic sensory stimuli we give them, we give to ourselves. We have the opportunity to feed ourselves, and by so doing, create within the world of form that we live in, the life we wish to live. We get to enjoy whatever life we envision.

As I said earlier, all we know about our current realities is a reflection of what we “feel”. All we “know about a lack of comfort or security, etc, in relationship to the world in which we live”. When we feed ourselves, and feed ourselves with the desired information we formulate as the first step of “choosing alignment” on what we then think and feel about what we want to create and manifest, we are developing we ability to chose a world that serves us, that makes us feel safe, and connected to others. We catch a glimpse of what is possible, we feel connected to our divine nature, and as we have done so many times in the past, we bring forth the emotion of in connection and love as the physical part of our “beingness”.

Our natural state is one of “is-ness”. Our birthright is to be. Our natural state is to be in our faith, in our curiosity, in our desire and emotion of wanting to be. We can now feel in our bodies and be in our sensory experience of the world, how connected we are, and how we can begin to be love, so that we can cleanse and heal our planet. We can give anything we want to be!

But, before we go there…

There are four fundamental abilities we have to work with, in our life and in this life. These abilities are to feel, to receive, to process, and to move.

1. To feel. This is the simplest and the basics ofwho we are. It is a perception that we can choose to “feel” anything and everything we want to feel in our lives. It

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