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Body Language – Should I Care?

People give up on their dreams for many reasons.

One is the fear of failure. Many people are afraid they may be seen as ‘just another,’ another failure.


Another is the fear of rejection. Some people are afraid if they turn their dream of a new job into a reality, those with stronger will applying for that same job.

A large group of people are afraid there will be no evidence of their dreams ever existing at all. It is possible they don’t even realise they are worried about that happening.

Yet another group are people who lack the belief that it will actually manifest. They believe that if they go through the Herculean effort required to make their dream a reality, then they will end up feeling foolish.

However. there is one very small group of people and it only needs a little belief to make a small difference.

They have a dream. They have a dream that excites and inspires them. It excites and absolutely drives them on. They know it can happen for them.

They follow that dream until they make it a reality.

The question then comes up ‘Should we care what others think?’

There is no one right answer. The question is just that… a question. Everyone who ever set out on a journey heard of people who preceded them. Yes, there are many examples of people accomplishing great things even when we don’t think they would or can.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that others who have come before us cannot and should not accomplish great things.

Why do we care?

We care because we have a dream. Of course we need that more than we need to think about whether others think of it. That is a good start.

We also worry about the potential impact of others negative views of our dream on our confidence and our self-esteem.

This happens all too often. We look outside of ourselves and seek others opinions of our dream. How ridiculous. I don’t seriously expect that people could think any less than you do about the great possibilities you can become and the potential impact that your achievement could have on people around you.

We all need to look at our own dream and what it takes to become the person that we want to be. We need to learn much of the way others behave.

If you write your dream down, now, and you put it on your wall and you share it with others, then they will have a different perspective of your dream and how it could possibly come true. For some of us, this can be truly unnerving and difficult. We need to stop and think about our own ‘image’ of our dream and the level of determination that we have to become the person we want to be. We need to stop thinking about other people’s opinions of us and are ‘problems.’

Start to picture yourself as already having achieved your dream. Start in the studio when you are writing it down.

Visualise it every day.

How does it make you feel to already have achieved those goals and go confidently at having lived a fulfilling life and excelled at what you did and created your dream.

How does it feel to have become that person: The hero who has overcome those ‘reasons’ and overcome those hurdles that got in the way. You haveClosed the door of doubt.You haveThat Which You’ve Wanted.

The main reason to care about what people think of us is to recognise the fact that we care about our own dream.

If we were quiet, perhaps we would find ourselves wondering about other people. If we were better behaved, perhaps we might not feel so uncomfortable in a bar with a group of strangers. If we were living up to our own standards, perhaps people wouldn’t think of us and go ‘Wow, really must have been nice’ when we finally talk about our great achievements.

Stressing over other’s opinion of us means we are stopped and can’t reach our potential.

Stop. Think about the importance of our own dreams and what we want to achieve.

So why do we choose to concern ourselves with what others think? Is it because we don’t feel confident enough to break out of those limiting patterns we suppress without realising we are doing it? Can’t we think about our own dreams.

Sometimes we have to take the risk sometimes of people’s negative opinions of us. But should that worry those people who like it? NO!

bother yourself with people’s-this-is-never-a-good- Terrible – News.

Start focusing on your own greatness. Start to believe that is true for you now.

That question is a golden nugget I want you to take with you today and wrap yourself into and really feel even if you do sometimes.