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How to Pave Your Way Through Life’s Road bumps

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“Life hands you alone the key to a life of purpose.”~Walt Disney Walt Disney was a self-made man. He had to overcome obstacles and defeat his own fears to get to where he is today. This is a man who understood the concept of laying out a course for your life, planning it and then … Read more

Relaxation Response Technique

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The relaxation response has been given many names by different practitioners; the control freak, self-talk, trance state, relaxation mind, self image, auto-suggestion, the routine and the sub conscious. Whatever you wish to name it, it is the same response. I will like to label it as a way to control your emotions and behavior. Essentially … Read more

Am I Meant to Help Others?

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Why was I invited to join you on this wonderful journey? Willary/Amanda Brown advised me recently that I probably have what it takes to help others better understand their spiritual connection. For me, that often falls in the realm of “ors” or mutual reconnection. I usually see myself as amanofthose individuals. I would like to … Read more

How to Control Anger Using Anger Management Tips

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To effectively deal with anger issues, a person should be aware of the signs of excessive anger and the effects it can have on their life. Many situations may trigger anger within a person. It can be an individual or a community. Common examples include a traffic jam or a car that’s too noisy or … Read more

What Is it That You Do To Yourself?

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Each one of us does something we do for ourselves. Some do it accidentally and others intentionally, but it’s our way of being we did each one of. It is our thoughts and deeds that ultimately makeup who we are. While many may judge, it is for our good, or we are merely looking on … Read more