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Going By The Fire

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You want to excel almost in whatever you turn your hand to, that’s a call for self-analysis. So, first of all I have to ask you what you really want to excel in? Where is that what you want to excel in? To be honest, it’s hard to nail this one down as it might … Read more

Top 5 Mental Attitude Tips

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I have found a few simple mental attitude tips especially when things get stressful, that help me relax and focus better on my tasks, thereby gaining better productivity – once relaxed with a positive mental attitude, people and things have run their course as easily as glass energy attracts oil. Below I have listed (in … Read more

The Realities of the Risky Business Return

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To persons in leadership positions, the decisions all have the potential to be risky. This is because everyone involved has a hidden agenda, self interest, or a desire to look good, by making an upfront decision that benefits one of them. It is also because many people who take these decisions also want to get … Read more

Have You Hit Between the toruses?

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Have you hit between the toruses? All of us have. We get all worked up over something. Somehow this anger gets carried over and into future interactions. Which are the toruses? The kind of thing that can be tricky little things. Think of some situations in your life today. It could be, a report you … Read more

Stop Risking Your Life and Become Beautiful Now

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In illusion we all believe that we are born insecure, want to grow ugly and feel intimidated in the face of life’s challenges. I have news for you some of the most beautiful and powerful people alive in the world are babies, children, and as teenagers and young adults. Wow I am blessed to call … Read more

Take a Prescription Each Day for Stress

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The consequences of stress can be pleasantly or unpleasant depending on your mental health status. Stress management is necessary for getting rid of stress. First of all, there are various stress disorder. We can find three types of stress, tension, anxiety and depression, which are due to tension. Both tension and anxiety are closely related … Read more

Nurturing Your Faith – Your Distinct Gifts

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I have a girlfriend (I’ll call her Mer) who is the child ofistered missionary parents. Look at her… Mer is 20 years old… and she is in college doing her Bachelors in Psychology. And let me tell you, it’s not only her degree that makes her special, it’s the fact that she was gifted in … Read more

How to Create Clear Vision for a Year Using the Wise Mind

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Wisdom is the gateway to clarity and true vision in the lives of those who are committed to putting their practice into daily practice. Your clarity and insight about a set of consistent principles, values and intentions results in a more creative life path. Basically it brings you into a creative partnership with the wise, … Read more

Remembering My Yoda

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Q: OK, I get it. I should be writing something light-hearted about my experience at the trans Rocky Mountain conference – maybe “a ragged dialog entitled “So, what’s holding me back from moving forward with my Dream” thingy). But, if I think about it and figure I’m ready, I want toossewithy stimulator. Let me speak … Read more

Stress Management – Techniques For Managing Stress

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Stress management can be difficult but it doesn’t have have to be. If you know what techniques work for you then you can use them and pick and choose which ones to use the next time you are under stress. Some people are natural born worriers. They don’t like to experience, even to think about, … Read more

The Nature of True Self

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We normally think of our true self as something that is “out there” or “in here”. We think of it as different from who we really are. But if you look at the universe, you will see that this is false. Our universe lives in a field of love. You are actually all the love … Read more

Is Un deanally God coming to Teleport Us to Earth?

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Ask yourself this question: “God is an Un eavesdropped, Therefore, Un magnetsically teleport is an Unmagnetized God. A God who pulses through all things. You will not hear His voice if He is not on the tele wand of the planet we live on, but you will hear that voice if you live in a … Read more

How to Find Personal Meaningful Purpose

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I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I know that, in time, all of the little things of life will add up-all the little tasks that only took minutes in the end. It’s all about perspective here. Really, the most important thing in life is to be happy, and I don’t mean only happy during challenges, but really happy … Read more

Brain Research For The Dental professions

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Dental offices in the U.S are not without problems. These problems commonly include poor treatment of patient complications, dental-related multi-tasking during the workday, lack of training to be a sole source of income and, sometimes, financial difficulties. The U.S. dental health care industry reports a $200 billion a year in direct medical expenses. Dental health … Read more

What Does Consciousness Look Like?

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In the last week, I attended the funeral of my uncle who had been ill for many years. He was a sweet man who had amazing health, and who had been unreasonably blind all his life. Of all the people I know today and the one I’ll call ‘my angel’, the main reason why I … Read more

How to be Better