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Why You Can’t Not Worry

Isn’t it amazing how many fellow humans are bigger doubters than they are number thinkers? When you think about some of the things you worry about, you might consider why you worry at all? Interesting story, because each time you worry, something happens, and you can’t control all the variables, but you can control the actions you take, and what you let yourself dwell on. It’s all about controlling how much focus and energy you’ll give the problem – that’s what makes it manageable. If you worry, it weighs you down with worry, mental sap and fear. When you worry about anything, you are focusing more on the problem and less on the solution. Intrinsically, worry is based in fear, and that is the problem – too much fear willStealthe solutions that are right in front us.

Letting your thoughts race will only boost worry and lead to greater concern. “Dwell on what?” I hear you say! It is the ultimate way to shut down the creative channels of the mind. It spins you into the mind soup of doubt and again you become weighted down with that pattern. It truly doesn’t help you to soar to the higher and better conscious levels that you long to experience. Brace yourself for a few key areas of your life and become aware.


When you worry about money, or any other aspect of your life, first, it’s okay to have feelings, to express feeling – it is understood the better we feel, the higher vibrations of those feelings that we send out, the more powerful and cleared. If there is a worry or feeling about your life, it’s and act of connection to yourself that you are expressing, and that is powerful, and that alone makes positive energy. It makes for positive and great usage of your life, not useless and toxic waste. And, when you worry, you literally create feelings that create more fear leading into more worry, and you may create words or small thoughts that degenerate into nasty actions, and those actions create big reactions that create a negative cycle. Check all that as you might have some stress as you go along your day, and enjoy your life doing so all the while, as the direction you are going sends out the energy that draws to you more of the same.

If you have a close friend who cares deeply about you, you know that they always tell you every day no matter what – to relax and stop whatever you’re doing, and just BE. Their reactions of worry, anger, concern, fear, and of course hurt, all the wonderful workings of the mind are held as assets. Feelings are assets that condition that person to respond to you for your highest and greatest gift and use of your life. Sympathetic people, is indifferent to you, do not care about you and will do no better, and sympathetic people don’t want anything better for you and they will do everything to further you down and actually hurt you, again, isn’t that objectively totally wrong.

Changing Thinking and Mind sets

For years I was at peace as I anticipated and anticipated the good things I was going to experience. I trusted that the impending gifts would come and I experienced peace within myself, my job, my family, my friends. It was a period of relative bliss until…I was laid off and out of work. I could feel the fear brought on by fear of the loss of my income. I could not stop worrying about how I was going to meet rent and pay my bills. I was cold because I was seeing myself as a victim. I was afraid of living off what I already had, and afraid I was not smart enough as how to find a new job. I knew I needed to assimilate this information differently, so I tried a different approach and tried to think differently.

It took me awhile to get my head around this, and in the beginning I could hardly do it, but I made progress…afterall, changing my mindset does work.

Preating and Attending Mind-Cords

For most of my present life, I have been in a high-energy relationship, in which I never saw myself as a victim so I always tried to change things in my partner’s best interest. I had even thought about changing my mate before we got married, but I was more scared of the worst of all the scenarios. Even when he was good and in my view, the best of the best. But I simply did not see it then and have since made tremendous changes in my existing relationship, and in my own life.

Three days ago I met a woman, who had a complete different perspective and learned what a Mind-itch was. She told me that mind- vacancies are frustrations – we’ve talked about that, were considering changing our relationship and, having changed, events in our life have improved.

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