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What Is Intrinsic Motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is “motivating yourself from inside”. Simple phrase, but what it means is that instead of expecting someone or something to provide you with to motivate you, the best way for you to motivate yourself is to run your own life and determine what the pulse is in your own heart.

Intrinsic motivation is generated from within. It is independent of outside circumstances, self-imposed or otherwise. This kind of motivation from within is found in everything we do. It is, in essence, internal, unlike external motivation which may come or disappear as circumstances change or another takes its place. External motivation has to do with being inspired by external factors. In its place, you will find intrinsic motivation.


Why Intrinsic Motivation Is So Necessary

For most people their days are standpoint filled with work, interaction with others, and multi-tasking. These days, there is lots to be doing all the time. There are even days when you spend the whole day just answering normal daily emails. Even though we may have forgotten how to pay attention to what we are doing. In time, we may have forgotten that it even seemed important. These days, even when we work for eight hours, or more, we often only pay attention when something really seems to be falling apart.

Find yourself in any work or professional environment easily and most of all, change your environment as soon as you r/e are out of it. Because during those few times when you are given a window of opportunity to be quiet, you are capable of picking up on a good few valuable things that may be beneficial for the future.

In short, we as human beings are very lazy beings. Our days are filled with texting one another. We are interrupted constantly. Not only that, but we are actually scared to be quiet. Once we begin to sit in silence or just listen for ourselves, we forget about all the distractions. We begin to notice few things that trip us up, like a certain friend who is due for an ice cream and I have to leave the store for a few minutes. As you sit quietly, you will become aware that the ice cream is just a small part of the big picture.

Using Intrinsic Motivation

We too can look at someone or an objective and find something to be embarrassed about or simply uncover something in us that needs fixing. Make it a point to listen to the person or even read a certain article or resource. Whatever it is, you will have to really pay attention to something in order to know how to turn it off and switch it on.

The effect on your life is quite effective once you hear the little voice and take notice of what you are sitting on. Small snatches of things that were once mentioned and taken for granted go away completely. Introspection and reflection begin to grow and strengthen as the deeper you go into the root of what you are doing.

Probably the most important piece of this is learning to listen to yourself. Sure, the web is a wonderful, inexpensive tool utilizing tools you already have, would you give up all yours to allow an extra set to resonate with you? There is something about the process of separating and limiting the extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation you receive, that makes life easier.

Its Like Finding The Parts Of The Puzzle That Are naturally yours

In a world of fast paced busyness you are likely to get lost in the kinds of activities that you tend to automatically fall into. There is no doubt about that. That is a good thing too, but it can become a bit of a trap and if you become narrowly geographic, you are forced to pay attention deeper and prompt.

Be sure to use tools or pass a certain task off to the people around you that are already experts at it. If you ask for advice on certain aspects of your life, you should be able to get some opinions. You might even find some exceptional resources you never knew existed. Other times, there is somebody out there that wants to serve as a resource, both for guidance on a task and for giving you related stories and advice.

Read, ask questions, go explore. Explore the different possibilities of how to handle a given situation. Much of the time, these will become a lot less complicated and easier to handle once you know how to.

Know Of The Simple Tips That Actually Help

Although there are a lot of things to approach with care, it is not always a good idea to try and tackle everything at once. It just can become quite overwhelming and overwhelming is notFun andPLEasure. Read a few good books on a subject, escape for awhile, and try it out one by one. You never know where something really good might come from.

Slow down little by little and you will begin to see change in your life.

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