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Vision – How To Achieve Your Dreams And Passions

What is your vision? Is it a personal vision or a cosmic vision? A personal vision is the dream that from deep within your heart and soul you wish to deliver to the world.

A cosmic vision is the dream that is expected to be delivered to the world, whether this deliverance be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

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Well how do you get this personal vision, or this cosmic vision. Is that as simple or as complicated as most people would think.

A personal vision must first be conceived in the heart and soul and believe in, if it be ultra-important in your thought, then dream and believe in yourself. The truth of the matter is, it wont be easy to create your personal vision to impress, large this depends on who you really are.

Who are you? From an objective point of view, we are who we believe ourselves to be. Important here is not what we believe ourselves to be, but is the fact that most of our life is based on what and who we believe ourselves to be.

Therefore, if we believe ourselves to be great, great, and beyond, perhaps we are, but if we are not we are unlikely to accomplish our vision to greatness and obtain great acclaim.

Now, what kind of person do you think you are? The answer would be self-created. When you live your life you assume the results of your self-created inner world.

Take some time and look at the way you live your life; do you admit to yourself that you are creating your results in life, now do you believe the truth about yourself and your personal world. Perhaps if you were honest with yourself, and looked at yourself more closely on the day to day way that you live, what do you believe about yourself and what kind of results did you achieve.

Even though the authority of science indicates that we are in control of our lives and produce our own reality, we choose to believe otherwise for we are all controlled by our belief system and if we are not conscious of how to control our lives-others will be driving us down the road of disaster.

We are in charge of our individual lives. It’s our own decision. It’s our creation. The creation of what is. We create our world, individually and cosmically, whatever comes from the heart and soul.

We, as a spirit, are a collective, a system, and we take on the reality of our world. The creation of our dream world and it’s personal reality, and quite often it is the world at large that is held in place by individual forces, but it is the individual and the collective that hold what is in place.

You are ever creating your world independently and unconsciously; Hamlet, the famous playwright and philosopher in all of his countless incarnations as transcended, says that, “Nothing is impossible for the human mind.”

This may sound far fetched, but the mysterious birth of mankind from human sprang to be, first in the mind.

This is the secret of how the great artists created their master pieces. They began from the mind, inspired by a desire to achieve their dreams and the world around them, and their subsequent creation of art.

Since the earth is made up of junctures of atoms some thousands of them select their neighborhood, if you will. The collage that you see in front of you was originally the dream that came from another atom, which selected the best spot to fill with matter, which landed into atoms that formed this dream in it’s graphic and design.

All atoms come from this original molecular system that brought about the original system that created the elements of the earth, which have been evolving for millions of years to be the objects of the earth that you see here.

An atom could not become anything else, it is spirit. And from such a system, through a mind, the soul is able to manifest through thought. And this faith that each human has, helps to manifest what has been conceived into realty with the use of will.

But before any dream can become reality, there must be an idea of what it is to be. A dream world needs the basic starting point of desire, which is thought or intent for either one or many.

As an example, a tree is made up of nothing but cells. But cells have different form such as; leaf, trunk, stem, etc.

The thought of a tree and each cell of the tree is then translated into a dream of a physical manifestation as a tree. Your mind is in control of your dream.

This is why we are so powerful in creating our world; we can attract into our lives, whatever we focus our minds attention on.

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