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Top 3 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Have Such An Impact On You

There are many reasons for procrastination but one of the most commonly known is because of fear. Everyone procrastinates to some extent. Now, whether procrastination has become a habit or a way of life or is just a passing phase in one’s life, there are a few top reasons for procrastination that often can YOUR negative outcome.

As with anything else in life it’s all about perspective. We all have different levels of procrastination that are triggered by a variety of circumstances. Generally speaking, however, there are a few common triggers that generally cause us to procrastinate. Learn about those top three reasons why you procrastinate and you can get on the way to defeating your habit.

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First, we have the fear of failure. It all comes down to how you look at things. While it is normal for people to have this fear they all must be limited to their own comfort zones for it to be worry keep. The worry that procrastination creates is often quite debilitating and in that way paralyzes us from taking action.

Next, there is the fear of change. For some change is probably the best fear of all. Change replaces familiarity and that is a good thing as flow is a part of life and can create problems but for most of us simply changing our routine can make the presence of change and even the small changes it brings necessary for success.

The third fear rarely is related to one’s ability to adapt to anything but the fear of falling flat. This is an all too common and common occurrence and is a result of not being able to accept that there is always room for improvement. This type of procrastination causes us to stay comfortable rather than push our comfort zones to the next level.

Take all of these examples and think about ways you procrastinate that relate to the above mentioned principles. Now that you understand why you tend to procrastinate, you can begin to identify when and how you are most likely to procrastinate. With that knowledge, you have the edge.

I suspect that procrastination is a problem for you or someone you may care about. The thought of taking action may be a frightening one. That is why, when you think about it in the broadest sense, that you should know why you procrastinate, it is that acceptance of fact that will allow you to get past it and take back control of your life.

The reality is that almost everybody procrastinates and has never in their lives really decided to do anything about it. While it is all too common to put things off, procrastination is more often a personal habit. Plainly stated, you have previously elected to be a procrastinator. You are the only one standing in your way and there are are many people similar to you who can help you to overcome procrastination once and for all.

A bronze Olympian waves their story forever ingrained in the world of sports. What they have in common is that they, like you, have overcome procrastination yet they still seem to be at the top of their game. Now that you have trygot why you procrastinate let’s look at some ways to overcome it so that you can have the life that you want.

The first is to control procrastination because usually it all boils down to motivation. It would seem that most procrastinators were committed to their own failure. People who don’t procrastinate have simply learned to do things differently than how they used to. But the truth is that, no matter where you come from in this world, you can always help others overcome procrastination.

Getting over procrastination is so easy you should be using it on a regular basis. You need to see the deadline as an opportunity and the ability to depend on others to get things done. When you face this type of heavy duty obstacle, you may look at the task as being easier than you thought. These are the moments you need to look at accomplishing your goal.

When you stay focused on the bigger picture, you will be able to get things done. You will be surprised by how simple completing a single task can be. The steps that you need to take to reach an important result are almost predictable. As the days go by, you will tend to afraid of facing this project again. Suddenly, the stress and resentmentIncrease.

Worry any longer over when the project will end. Just get it over and done as quickly as you can. For reasons that you may never know of when you face this type of obstacle it can cause you to procrastinate over it forever.

It is important to always set a clear period of time to complete your task. I have my clients do this with the tasks they need to accomplish.