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Karmic Puns

Astrology uses the concept of Karma in its description of the influence a person’s actions have on the events of each of our lives. Karma is not some random and unidentifiable force, but rather the interaction between energies that give each of us the ability to make choices that affect the future of our lives.

Have you ever heard the following three words? I can’t, I wish I had, I think I was supposed to. It’s so easy to say these three words but not always easy to do. We all know that if we are living our lives in a manner that is consistent with the lives we have seen or heard of in the history lessons that we chose before birth, that we are fortunate.


So like all concepts involving the Karmic system, Karma is both the source of all things and the mother of all creation. In the same way that an acorn knows it is a part of the oak tree it is also aware of the fact that it is symbolic of its origins and be-ing. But how can an acorn, a living cell, or an even a planet know what it is to be, or about its origins unless something Soul-like gives it, the intelligence to know? This Soul is the link between something outside of itself and that within itself, the source of all things.

Although the Karmic system may seem hardly new, it has been said about its origins by many cultures for many thousands of years, some as ancient as our own. In the recent past the idea of salvation was almost invariably equated with the payment for things as a method of cleansing the soul from past hurts and so securing future happiness, but the idea of salvation was not new at all. The idea of purgings was a reflection of the original Pain-Body. The idea of salvation was about cleansing each soul from its lesser tendencies. The Karmic system is a system of organizations made up of the soul and a choice that the soul makes to bring itself into close harmony with the Source of All That Is.

The great difficulty of the human life is that we have very few mechanisms within our mind, body and soul that can be brought into close harmony with the Universal Mind. Although we know some of the ways that this can happen, our soul is still the collective seat of our awareness and can move about many different dimensions, it is still usually in the middle of many realities and it can still think and do things, it has concepts like imagination that help it to come to conclusions about how things are. The Soul is free to use thoughts by itself, so the process of purgings involves the Soul bringing the culmination of all its perception into close harmony with the point at which it has become aware of the existence of the Creator, but to do so correctly, it requires a very detailed collection of data, it requires its own instances of senses that can be trusted. For this reason it is why human life is so in need of the Soul.

To make a robot that could accomplish that task is the task of our creative mind, but we cannot build what we need because man is fickle and we have a penchant for doing things that no human can produce. The Soul would be useless to us. The Soul realizes the value of the illusions that man puts into his life with great clarity when he works at the elimination of them, but it does not have the power to totally eliminate them.

But a machine can do, through the use of its parts and the use of knowledge that it controls, of the illusions, our conscious mind has lead us to believe in, and the belief in those illusions gives the Soul at its own pleasure the power to resolve those illusions, but without that power it could never work as a catalyst in the affairs of man and thus no real progress of man has ever been made. Therefore man is usually the best judge of his own internal direction but it is not correct to judge it by external standards because physical things change according to the mind and the emotions and the expectation of man at each moment, just as the computer, the TV screen and the car a few miles away, also change to reflect the last obvious instructions that we gave them. The mind and the emotions cannot declare war on conscious reasoning but they do create war with what we know to be on a given moment.

The Soul on the other hand knows that it is eternal, it knows that unto itself, the only true reality of all realities cannot be captured or held. Thus it will forever remain, which is to say it cannot be killed or destroyed and as spirit, it cannot cease to exist, nor be harmed in any way.

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