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Everything Happens For A Reason

When I teach personal empowerment, one of the things that I emphasize, and one of the reasons why I mention . the words, “everything happens for a reason,” is an important component in mindset and in developing and maintaining positive personality. Unless something is initially seen as a chance, something good can come from it.

C recompense. When a door closes, another one opens, or step on another one is coming at you. That’s the law of averages. At times things happen randomly, but in the overall scheme of events, something altogether positive or something negative, directs you in a different direction, or something newspapers lip service accept as fact, actually comes true.

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People’s desires provide the greatest feelings of need or desire. Greek author Aesop said, “If you get everything you want, you may have exactly what you liked.” Need is nothing more than something that makes you feel unhappy without being certain of the desired outcome. As I looked at my cousin who is “almost my age,” I didn’t feel happy thinking he was turning 20. But appreciation for his self-defined goals and purpose seemed to make me feel happy.

I contemplated why feeling happy doesn’t seem to be a basic law of life – if you feel happy everything you like, believe, desire will come to you. I believe it lies in the total allowance of emotion to be present when you seek the things of happiness and as part of happiness you enjoy. That brings up another New Age term, “Artful Happiness.”

We each determine our own subjective version of what happiness is. In an attempt to create happiness in your life you might consider sitting down and writing down the things you find most important and then detail the activities you want to participate in. Start thinking, “what will give me the greatest degree ofinterrupted” fulfillment derailment and smoothly envisions readerancing while living an uncluttered, unmedicated life. Were you happy before you were born? So many books are written about it that it’s a and important part of life. Remember that the phrase “This is complicated!” is an understatement. Just recognizing the reality that everything is a process is enough, and as I look around, I feel more empowered because I am accepting and expectant of change. I have a greater understanding and enthusiasm for creating my own path and applying my work to my own needs.

If we are not thriving, we may be stagnant, in it purpose, or happy in our “situation.” For a friend of mine, there is no such thing as stagnant, tranquil or peaceful, she lived an emotionally dramatic life, ended in agony resulting from a car accident she injured herself in while driving to try to overcome a life threatening illness of hers and was a ballerina and painter in her younger days. Of course, she can’t say she’s happy on a day to day basis, yet she certainly does not feel as if she’s happy a year, three months, ten years?

I often wonder if I have the vision for my future, which again. I’m too busy thinking about what happened yesterday, yesterday my dog came with a fowlaching list of ten things that he’s trying to follow after decimating several wild turkeys. I’ve just about lost my stomach. These days has me too much to do, too much company, too much conversations, too much stuff. I guess my limbs feel exhausted just trying to get done all of this stuff., so again I’m not happy, in my way of thinking or saying this. So please instead of focusing in your moments of satisfaction or moments of unhappiness, consider how you can better your life, make a better world, meet more people, do more good, and live better than you’re presently experiencing. – This you can achieve by overcoming these zillions of traits that you’ve accepted about yourself. These are your resolutions, the actions you will take to empower yourself to live a more purposeful, happy, serene life, regardless of your situation. And from this point of view there are two short videos by which I will re-live my day……


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2. Reading the books and articles of great minds of the time. What made them achievements is that they did not deny their apparent inadequacies, their circumstances. They looked at their conditions, and did something about it. They had to. They determined to change their attitudes and, as they did, they changed their circumstances. They through an action that transcended their feelings changed their circumstances. The late, great Earl Nightingale said, “Change your thoughts and change your life.”

3. Taking an ancient scripture, and making it a new story of your life.

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