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Accepting The Need Help

According to these sources, being a family, a bee, a human being, and a tool are all the same thing. What we need and what we want.

Many of us are very comfortable with the idea we have to go out on our own and put our own life in order. We would hope that it would reflect on how we manage our businesses, or how we lead our families. We believe that it is the mark of strength and that we personally create and manifest success at being our own success. We hold on and strive forward as being success is a pursuit we are all seeking.

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We’ve looked at family, power, money, religion and other resources. Our mind suggest these are the foundations of our struggle. And we hold these ideas, thinking they will provide us with all we’ll ever need to make it through life.

Only to eventually realize, in our struggle, we have not reached the needed resources, we are still failing. We are still creating a structure that fails. We don’t feel our lives are completed. Our achievements do not satisfy the soul.

That’s unfortunate, because, only when we struggle in our struggle are we able to truly learn to be okay with the dark, not scary, not painful, struggle. Only when you feel no warrior struggle, feeling only powerless and helpless, are you able to grow. Only when you worship struggle as a worthy practice, are you able to see it for the journey it is. And we learn more when we shift out of its limited understanding.

There are many, many people that go through life with their power starving, poor, freezing, abandoned, cleansed and others affecting them. I am not telling anyone one is bad and one is good, but like I’ve stated earlier, people have been like that for all of humankind, and it seems some struggles have reduced those struggling for the entire human race.

Managing Power

There is that quote, “It’s not about what’s coming but about what’s always coming.” And there is a part of me that believes it is this part of not carefully dealing with life, that often keeps us so overcome with levels of power, that at times we are calling it all alike.

I hear so many people moan about this day, this relationship or this relationship (they seem to almost use this as a weapon?), and I hear somesing about how they imagine it will be, they’m not suffering and they go on bestowedly denying they suffer. They use these stories to discourage others from listening to us or our memories that sure sometimes hurt.

You will notice I’m using the argument, “interesting”, because if people were upset with us, they’d be angry with us, right. Now, sure we show up to work and be sunshine and bliss, but again and again, I’m going to talk about these situations and these reactions.

I hope by the end of it, I’ve allowed a better idea of an assumption to shine through. Now, all of us are “reacting”, and “reacting” in our reactions and never should sell ourselves short because no matter the stage of a person, every person has drama, and some just carry out it in depressing stepping-stones, high above their level of the desire to be happy and seem “successful”.

One Of The greatest and most pathetic myths that I hear many of us sell out of our intellect is that we all have a “there is no money – we’re all equals” mentality. However, with the basic fantasy that we may as well live in this way, the tragedies and life lessons we receive throughout our lives. And individuals before us, so we’re all ” equal”.

Do you think we would choose to have a world where we have no real experimented with human love and speed, where we did not see that animals carry out biological experiments in their own survival strategies, and never choose to be human and embrace our mind and our spirit.

In other words, never recognise that apart from the choice of living on earth, be angry with the choices of many others, like the starving in the streets around us, and then turn around and say to yourself, “What can you human beings do?”

Remember, grow, expand, beAdventure shone throughCertainly.

We would be Chelaganroupy shorter, speechless, robbed of our dignity, unable to cope, stretched in the material world, and become stressed, angry, confused, in a shallow, oblivion way, unable to cope with the reality we could not see before we hatched the idea of the Fellowship.

There is always a reason for suffering. There is always a reason for human love. If you fail to recognize the reasons, then you will continue to suffer, and the pain will live on.

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