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How To Move Through A Relationship Stressful Matter

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A difficult relationship is one of the most stressful condition a person can have. A relationship can be harmonious yet still be quite stressful and the anxiety is often overwhelming. This is because a relationship is a place where our emotions are shared, our hopes and fears are shared as are our personal needs. Some … Read more

Why You Can’t Not Worry

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Isn’t it amazing how many fellow humans are bigger doubters than they are number thinkers? When you think about some of the things you worry about, you might consider why you worry at all? Interesting story, because each time you worry, something happens, and you can’t control all the variables, but you can control the … Read more

Voted Redundantly

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Theblame gameis not fun for either the Victim, or theFragmer. Both within my personal experience, defensive.) The blame game is a lazy and ineffective way to deal with reality. Let’s face it regardless of our interpersonal relations of today, people, in large measure, want to blame others. We allow this habitual tendency for our self, … Read more